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Is he always fiddling with the remote control or taking apart another household item?

Does he get excited when the latest phone is released? And let’s be honest, boy love their toys right? This is why GiveHimGifts have selected a host of gadgets for men to keep him busy for hours on end. Whether it’s a big boy’s toy or a product to make life easier, you can pick from a range of exciting gadgets for men.

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Gadgets for men can make a great gift, and there are a whole host on selection. Tablets are a very safe bet and have the versatility of a mobile phone with some of the functions of a laptop or PC. Tablets, as gadgets for men are great in the fact they’re portable and have so many functions contained at the touch of a finger!

Best for business

Apple iPad Pro – 11inch (Space grey)

Apple iPad Pro – 11inch (Space grey)

Apple have been the flagship in tablet production for the past decade and their latest offering is something a bit different. This iPad Pro is available in two screen sizes, the 11-inch seen here at the 13-inch also available from Amazon.

Both a great gadget for men and getting the right size will depend on how it is most likely used!

The iPad is presented in a sturdy and thick apple branded box, with the box containing the iPad itself, an Apple Lightning cable and charger. The iPad Pro has built on the success of previous iPad models with a whole host of new features such as an edge to edge liquid retina display, face recognition ID, the ultra-fast A12X Bionic chip and all-day battery life, amongst many others.

This iPad Pro is a great gadget for men in that he can use this for reading the latest news on a lazy Sunday to looking through the reports on the morning commute to work!

As is always the case with Apple, the construction and feel of the product is excellent and premium. The edge to edge display mean that the user can completely focus his attentions onto the screen content and the face ID makes unlocking the iPad, making payments and using the keychain fast, simple and secure! The all new operating chip is almost overly generous to the iPad and makes it unrivaled in how quickly and smoothly it performs (it could easily be used to power a fast laptop!). The 12MP rear camera means that this tablet has the ability to shoot great photos and videos whilst having the great quality retina display to view them on!

On the slight downside, the price is quite high and is comparable with some laptops, and only just shy of the Apple Macbook.All in all a great gadget for men and an awesome product itself!

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Best for Value

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 VE Tablet (9.7 inch)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 VE Tablet (9.7 inch)

Samsung, much like apple have been producing their own tablets for a number of years now. They have gone down a different route with this particular offering, taking some great features from older models and bolting on some new ones!

These features include; a true colour AMOLED screen, an 8MP rear camera, a micro-SD slot for additional storage and fingerprint ID, just to name a few. The tablet is presented in a ridged carboard box, which includes in it- the tablet itself, power adaptor, micro USB cable, started guide and warranty card. This is an excellent gadget for men that’ll be sure to get its fair share of use.

He can be taking high quality videos of the kid’s football on a Saturday whist in the week, catch up on his favourite TV show with this great tablet!

The composite construction feels durable and well made with a good weight to the device. The processing power is good and multitasking operations prove fast and without lagging. The Android operating system has improved leaps and bounds over the past decade and this is a truly refined, smart and easy to use system, making it a gadget for men that he won’t struggle to use! The price point is extremely reasonable for the amount of features and quality that this tablet boasts.

When compared with the Apple iPad Pro, this is inferior, with an arguably less powerful processor, a lower resolution and smaller screen. Despite this, it enters the market at approximately half the price of the Apple offering, making this an affordable gadget for men!We here at Give Him Gifts are big fans of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 VE Tablet (9.7 inch) and think it is the ideal gadget for men! Boasting great features, a smart design and fast processing, this tablet is an excellent product at an excellent price!

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Smart Watches

Wearable technology has become a huge market over the past few years and they make for great gadgets for men! Smart watches are the market driver in wearable tech and most of the large companies offer their own variations. We here at Give Him Gifts have selected two great smart watches, so you can decide on the best gadget for men!

Best for fitness

Garmin Vivoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch

Garmin Vivoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch

In the modern world, there is increasing pressure for men of all ages to get fit and what better way to encourage him than a gadget for men that’ll help! This offering from Garmin is a great multi-function fitness smartwatch, which has built on some of the great features of older models with new ones. A smart, traditional style design with features such as built in GPS, a range of sporting apps, a bright high resolution touch screen, V02 and fitness age estimates, all day stress tracking, smart notifications and a great battery life.

The design of the watch, in the fact that it is classic means that it can be worn at a whole range of occasions, from day to day wear at the gym and the office (to get the best from this device it should be used as much as possible). The watch is presented in a smart box, which contains the watch itself, a charging cable and a ‘quick start’ manual. A fun and function filled gadget for men!

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch, feels well-built and premium due to its materials and high quality production. The touch screen functions well as proves very easy to use and in particular scroll. The heart rate measurements are very accurate and the GPS tracking technology provides precise distance measurements. Alongside this, the interconnectivity between the mobile phone app and the watch is excellent and data is both recorded and can be accessed live. This means the gadget for men can be constantly used to check all his data! The watch also feature the all new Garmin pay, allowing you to contactless pay for goods with your card registered through your watch!

Some users have reported that the Bluetooth connection can be temperamental and that there are alternative fitness smartwatches that boast many of the same features as a lower price point.

All in all this is a great product and gadget for men! We here at Give Him Gifts highly recommend you check it out!

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Best for daily use

Apple Watch Series 4 (40mm)

Apple Watch Series 4 (40mm)

This, the 4th generation of smartwatch from apple has built on the successor of its predecessors to create a well-rounded watch. The watch features some of the favourable features from older models, such as the slick design but also has developed new ones such as an all new optical heart rate sensor, an updated digital crown, a dual core processor and accelerometer and gyroscope amongst many more! The watch is presented in a premium box which included the watch itself, magnetic charging cable and USB power adaptor.

The case has been produced from high grade aluminum with a strengthen sapphire glass front and rear. The band featured is aluminum mesh (however these are interchangeable) giving the watch a premium yet light feel. This is the ultimate gift for men!

This is a smartwatch that has been built to be worn perpetually from at work to in the gym and the design means that this is possible!

As always is the case with Apple, the watch feels well-made and very durable. The watch requires almost no set up apart from connecting your iPhone and signing in using your apple ID meaning this can be used almost straight out of the box! The connectivity with your iPhone means many of the great apps you enjoy can also be enjoyed from the apple watch. I addition to this, the watch provides notifications from your phone and allows them to be remotely managed from the watch. The fitness data such as the heart rate, SP02 and GPS tracking measurements have all proven accurate and fairly precise.

The watch is positioned towards the higher end of the market, however this watch combines all the great elements of a fitness smartwatch with the usability of a normal smartwatch, making it very versatile. What should also be noted is that this product only works when connected to an apple device and is exclusive to that.

Overall an exceptionally good product and great gadget for men! We highly recommend you check this one out!

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Over the past two decades, laptops have revolutionised the way we work, socialise and communicate. The latest laptops are offering even more features that past generations and they can be a great gadget for men and women alike. We here at Give Him Gifts that the market for laptops is vast and choosing one is almost impossible! This is why we’ve selected two great laptops so that you can get the best gadgets for men!

Best for build

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina Display

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch Retina Display

The origins of the firm Apple are in computing and despite having expanded their current range to phones, tablets and smartwatches, their staple is laptops and home computers. This particular Macbook Pro is the 4th generation of the laptop and is available in two screen sizes, 13 or 15 inches. It features a premium aluminium exterior complete bright retina display and all new touch bar (although this particular MacBook doesn’t include this feature).

Other new features include; an eighth-generation Intel 6-core and quad core processors, retina display with true tone technology and universal Thunderbolt 3 port to name but a few. The MacBook is well presented in a premium box and comes equipped with the MacBook Pro Retina 13 inch (256GB) and power adaptor. This is an awesome gadget for men!

Apple always deliver with their products when it comes to build and performance quality. This product is absolutely no exception and the weight of the laptop is an excellent balance between feeling premium yet light enough to comfortably carry. The laptop also proves very fast, even when multitasking and is unlikely to slow the user down. The display is awesome and the colours are very true to the real thing, meaning viewing photos or watching films or documentaries on this device is an awesome experience. The MacBook Pro 13-Inch Retina Display is an awesome product that clearly has gone through many years of development and is superbly well thought out. This is an amazing gadget for men!

As quite often is the case with Apple, the price is high yet comparable with similar alternatives from Windows based rivals. There is no doubt that with this product, you really get what you pay for! This should easily last him 10 years’ good service without becoming slow or too-outdated!

All in all this is an excellent laptop and an even better gadget for men!

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Best for versatility

Google Pixel 12.3-inch Laptop

Google Pixel 12.3-inch Laptop

The famous search engine and now developing tech company have been producing laptops for the past decade. They had success with early models and have smartly built on this producing this particular offering. The Google Pixel has some great new features which include; a clever 4-in-1 design, ultra-thin and lightweight body, backlight keyboard, built in Google assistant, Pixel book pen and many more.

The 4-in-1 design means that the product functions as a conventional laptop, tablet mode, tent and entertainment modules. The product is presented in smart box which included the laptop itself and the relevant charging cable. The versatility of this product makes it a great gadget for men!

This Google Pixel is perfect from anything from looking through architectural designs to watching your favourite series to typing up your latest review!

The laptop feels very well made and despite being light also feels remarkably durable and long lasting. The Windows platform proves easy to use, especially if he’s already familiar with the windows operating system! In addition to this the Pixel Book Pen is very responsive and great for drawing onto the screen without lagging as other cheaper alternatives have done in the past. The versatility of this product is the beauty of it and whilst purchasing a laptop, you are also getting included a whole tablet set up too! This is clearly an awesome gadget for men!

The price is fairly high, however when you consider all the features and versatility of the product, it doesn’t seem as bad!

Some users have also mentioned that the lack of physical ON/OFF or reboot buttons, if the device does crash, there is no way to try and get it going again!

Despite this, overall we here at Give Him Gifts are very keen on this product and think that it is an awesome gadget for men! We highly recommend you take a look!

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Looking for gadgets for men, well look no further than headphones. Like the music men listen to the range of headphones on the market is wide and varied, from wireless earbuds to noise cancelling over-ears. We know how difficult it can be to buy gadgets for men, so we here at Give Him Gifts have selected two great pairs of headphones, in order to help you out!

Best for wireless connectivity

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony, an extremely well regarded electrical brand have been on the decline in recent years. This was until they turned their hand to producing great quality headphones! These are absolutely no exception, featuring a classic and smart over ear design finished in a smart matte black with orange Sony branding.

The headphones feature many smart features such as Bluetooth connectivity (wireless), noise-cancellation, fast charging, gesture control, built in Google assistant and an ambient mode, to name just a handful! These are great for enjoying his favourite tunes while getting some work done in the office to enjoying an audiobook in the garden!

This makes these a great gadget for men of all interest and hobbies! The headphones are presented in a smart box which contains the earphones themselves, a plug adaptor for in flight use, a headphone cable, USB cable, premium carrying case and operating instructions.

The design is smart and feels very durable for a pair of headphones. This is in addition to the ultra-soft and extra deep ear pads. The battery life and speed of charging is remarkable with an average of 5 hours playback time from only 10 minutes charging. The product has been designed with lightness of weight in mind in order to create great transportability and the fit of the earphones have been ergonomically designed for comfort. The Sony headphones have high resolution audio thanks to an all new processor and the Bluetooth connection have proved both strong and reliable.

The headphones are at quite a high price point especially when you consider the alternatives. This said, these are a great gadget for men and will definitely be appreciated as a gift.

We here at Give Him Gifts recommend these highly as headphones and as gadgets for men!

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Best for style

Sennheiser HD 630VB Closed Audiophile Headphones

Sennheiser HD 630VB Closed Audiophile Headphones

Sennheiser are a name synonymous in the music and sound industry for combining stylish designs with excellent sound quality using the latest in technology.These headphones are much the same, produced from materials such as brushed aluminium and high grade leather and complied in an exclusive and stylish design.

The headphones also boast features such as; a proprietary 23 ohm transducer, adjustable headbands, variable bass control and integrated remote controls to name just a few. The headphones are presented in a premium box which includes the headphones themselves, a connection cable with inline microphone and operating instructions. These make for an awesome gadget for men!

They are ideal for enjoying some music of a quiet evening or watching a thriller on your tablet!

The build quality is very high and has a smart aesthetic, which alongside the foldable nature of these, means that they can be taken and worn in almost all situations. The sound quality as we’ve come to expect from Sennheiser is above and beyond and provides a truly immersive listening experience which isn’t comparable to many alternatives. The combination of metal and high grade leather make the headphones feel very durable and these as gadgets for men will likely last many years. The ability to alter bass, a rare feature in headphones makes these ideal for music and sound lovers, who can adjust these directly to their specifications.

The price is higher than almost all other comparables, but it could be argued that these gadgets for men are extremely exclusive option that provides unrivalled sound quality. These headphones are as much a pair of listening devices as they are a fashion statement or accessory.

All in all we here at Give Him Gifts think these Sennheiser headphones are a remarkable product as gadgets for men! We highly recommend you take a look at these beasts!

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Is he still trying to listen to his music from his phone speakers or still using his old iPod docking station? A great gadget for men is a modern, smart speaker! There are of course many different speakers which are available and making a choice as to which is best suited is a difficult task. We have hand selected two great speakers so that you’ll be able to get the best gadget for men, that will be sure to please!

Best for value

Samsung WAM 3500 R3 Audio System

Samsung WAM 3500 R3 Audio System

Samsung, an extremely well regarded electrical brand have produced a simple and stylish speaker with this particular offering. Samsung have previously turned their attentions to speakers, however none have been this concerned with creating amazing sound quality and purity.

The speaker boasts features such as wireless connectivity, 360 degree sound projection and long battery life amongst many others. The speaker design is sleek with a symmetrical and cylindrical elongated shape and finished with a polished black top and matte black sides. This makes the speaker stylish as a gadget for men!

He can use the speaker regularly from a BBQ with friends to a powerful gym session! The speaker is presented in a box which contains the speaker itself, charging cable and operational handbook which give the product a premium feel.

The speaker has a good weight to it and feels high quality. This quality is also reflected in the sound which the speaker produces which unlike tradition speaker systems, is projected multi-directionally rather than the ordinary uni-directional sound. This gives a surround sound feel from a single point source and adds to the premium feel. The speaker feels durable and will likely last him for many years to come. Alongside this, the Bluetooth connection is both reliable and strong, meaning he can connect, shuffle a playlist, sit back and enjoy this awesome gadget for men!

In addition to all of this, the price is reasonable for the quality and the brand and should therefore be seriously considered as a gadget for men.

One of the few downsides to this speaker is the fact that although being able to connect to devices of all brands, it does support Apple Music, one of the most popular music streaming services.

There is no doubt that this is a great speaker and an equally great gadget for men, what are you waiting for? Go and check it out!

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Best for sound quality

Naim Audio MU-SO QB Home Audio System

Naim Audio MU-SO QB Home Audio System

Rivello another Italian brand, specialize in high grade leather products. They profess to use good quality and largely untreated leather which has all the natural blemishes that leather should.

The speaker is much more than just that and boasts features such as UPnP High resolution streaming, Airplay, Bluetooth, Internet radio and is multi-room ready to name a few! This is a great gadget for men as it is not only an awesome speaker, but also a great multi-function audio system. This will mean he can enjoy his favourite radio or podcasts while in the kitchen or dance along to his favourite playlist at his party!

The build quality and design of this product is excellent and it is as much a functioning speaker as it is a piece of art which can be a centre piece for his living room, kitchen or flat!The sound feels surround and has proven pure, crisp and deep, all the great qualities of a speaker. The multi-room feature is an awesome piece of technology which allows the same song to be played in 5 rooms beat for beat, which truly makes it an incredible gadget for men!

The price is extremely high and purchasing this is a serious undertaking. There is absolutely no doubt that this is an excellent multi-facetted speaker system but you have to ask, will he use this product enough to justify the price?

Alongside this, the set up can be a bit tricky but once up and running the speaker functions almost always without fault.

All in all a great, very premium speaker that delivers and would be a great option as a gadget for men!

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Interactive Devices

Is he always forgetting things, just a bit disorganised or even lazy? Well, an interactive device could be the answer to all his and your problems! Interactive devices are still fairly new technology but are definitely great gadgets for men! We here at Give Him Gifts have selected two excellent interactive devices so you can get a great gadget for men!

Best for sound clarity

Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen.)

Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Gen.)

The Echo Plus is part of an extensive range of interactive devices produced by amazon and this device sits at the higher end of the line-up. The design is a simple cylindrical one that features predominantly a charcoal coloured fabric, curved high grade plastic top and base and a thin led lighting strip.

This offering is the successor to the first generation Echo Plus which proved extremely successful and was very well received by the market. The design remains similar however boasts some new features such as a new 3-inch woofer, larger tweeter, built in smart home hub and 360 degree sound.

The Echo Plus is presented in a premium box which includes the device itself, charging cable and operational instructions. This is an ideal gadget for men which they’ll be sure to love! The build quality of the product is excellent and it has developed on the great aspects of the first generation. The sound quality in this and the voice recognition system, Alexa are both great and very reliable.

With the ongoing ability to play music, set reminders and provide real time information, combined with the all new smart home hub, the device can also control plugs, temperature control and much more around your home. The ability to make and receive calls makes the interactive device ever more versatile and a gadget for men that they will seriously appreciate.

On the downside, some have questions whether the upgrade from the first generation is really worth it, especially if he doesn’t have smart devices installed in his home.The price is fairly reasonable but alternatives, some of which can be found within the Amazon range are available at a more reasonable price level.

All in all a great device and a great gadget for men! We highly recommend you take a good look at this device!

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Best for price

Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot

Another offering from Amazon in the interactive device field, perhaps considered slightly more towards the middle of their line-up. The device is a semi-spherical slanted shape complete with a large screen at the front. It is compact in size and can be bought in either black or white.

It features many of the aspects of the high range interactive devices which include Alexa voice control, music streaming, reminder setting and live data amongst many more. Alongside thus, a more uniquely due to the screen, the Echo Spot is able to play videos such as news bulletins. This is a great gadget for men, and will be sure to get a huge amount of use. The compactness means that the Echo spot fits into any room and setting and can be used for a whole host of activities such as checking the weather to getting the latest sports results.

The device has been neatly designed and is very simple to set up and use, especially given the Alexa voice control. The speakers are small yet crisp, clear and provide a good level of sound. The ability of the Echo Spot to play videos makes it fairly unique as an interactive device and despite the small being fairly small, proves to be useful. There are a variety of display settings which are available, from a classic clock design (which remarkably looks very like a manual clock) to a information packed display of time, weather and news! This versatility is great as at different, the Echo spot will be required for different uses. The gadget for men is an awesome option as a gift and the price is acceptable.

On the downside, the smaller speaker does mean the sound is linear and quieter when compared with the more premium Amazon Echo Plus. Alongside this, the fact that there are few instructions and the Echo Spot relies upon the experimentation of the user to become accustomed to the device. This maybe an issue for less tech savvy men.

All in all a great product and an awesome gadget for men, we thoroughly recommend this!

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With the world of insurance becoming more complex and ‘crash for cash’ schemes increasingly common, as a gadget for men dash cams are becoming an essential. There are a huge amount of options on the market, so we here at Give Him Gifts have narrowed it down to two great dash-cams which are ideal gadgets for men and a gift he’ll be sure to appreciate!

Best for basics

Nextbase 312GW-Car Dash Camera

Nextbase 312GW-Car Dash Camera

Nextbase are the go to name in mounted dash camera technology and present a very large range of dash cameras. This particular offering is towards the lower end of their range, despite this it is by no means lacking in features. Just a few of these features include; High quality 1080p video recording, 140-degree wide angle lens, WIFI connectivity, the ability to link to a smartphone app, a built in GPS, a G sensor and night-vision capabilities. This is easily mounted to the windscreen of his car and plugs directly into the cigarette lighter.

The dash cam is universal and can be used in almost all cars. This is not just a great gadget for men but also a necessity for them.

The dash cam is excellent in the fact that it does all the basics of a dash cam very well and has the ability to easily connect to your smartphone via the built in WIFI. The wide angle lens captures the whole road easily when in use and the footage proves well stabilised footage which can then simply be viewed in his smartphone. The cam is also very reliable and the footage rarely cuts out. The storage is such that it has the capability to store a good number of hours of driving footage is possible which is very beneficial.

This dash cam is a great idea as a gadget for men and this particular offering is ideal for the casual motorist.On a slight downside, some users have reported problems with the fit of the cam to the windscreen and that often with temperature change the dash cam often falls. Other users have commented on the lack of instructions supplied with the product and that it is a very much find out for yourself approach which must be taken. There is no doubt this is an awesome gadget for men and all in all a great dash cam. At this price point you can’t expect perfection!

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Best for recording quality

Nextbase 612GW- car Dash Camera

Nextbase 612GW- car Dash Camera

Here we see another offering from Nextbase, the dash cam giants and one which is towards the top of their range. The main difference between this model, the 612GW and the alternative, the 312 is the resolution at which is records and a host of smart features it boasts. Some of these features, with which it is equipped, include; 4K Ultra HD recording, a GPS which records both location and speed data, ‘click and go’ powered magnetic car mount, a polarizing filter (to remove glare), Intelligent parking mode and WIFI link to playback.

Alongside the awesome features the body is produced from a composite of brushed aluminium and high grade plastic. This is an awesome gadget for men and one of the best dash cameras on the market!

This will fit onto the inside of practically almost any car and he will be able to drive with ease, safe in the knowledge that all is being recorded should the worst happen!

This product has a particular premium feel to it and the high resolution ability means it can display video at a higher quality than most televisions. It also means that all the details are recorded, even at longer distances and the widest of angles! The ‘click and go’ magnetic mount proves much more effective than a conventional windscreen ‘suction pad’ meaning the cam is both secure and stabilised. The battery life is goof and the WIFI connectivity allows recordings to be viewed almost immediately. All these great features makes this a pretty awesome gadget for men and an equally awesome dash cam!

It should, however, be noted that the price is on the high side and you should seriously question “Does he really need these additional features, compared to the more basic models?”

All in all an excellent, high quality dash cam and we here at Give Him Gifts would go as far as saying that this is most definitely one of, if not the best dash cam available to the market. A great gadget for men that we suggest you check out!

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3D Printers

Over the past 5 years we have seen the concept of 3D printers come from news reports and into our homes. Currently there is a huge range of choice on the market for these as they make great gadgets for men! We here at Give Him Gifts have selected two great 3D printers so that you are able to get the best gadget for men!

Best for beginners

Comgrow Creality Ender 3 3D Printer

Comgrow Creality Ender 3 3D Printer

3D printing as you can well imagine can be a difficult skill to get the knack of. This offering from Comgrow is one of the cheaper models on the market but is excellent for beginners in order to get used to the process and hone their craft! It is an exceptionally cool product and is fast becoming a must have gadget for men.

The printer comes in a kit and is a simple self-assembly job which can likely be up and running in under a couple of hours. The printer itself boasts features such as; resume print (to counteract a power cut), high quality extrusion nozzle and well tested components to name just a few. The printer is well presented in a box that includes- the printer itself, all the required assembly tools, an instruction guide and various spare parts. This is a gadget for men that they’ll be sure to love and want to get stuck into!

The printer is high quality and links well with a number of pieces of 3D design software for computers. The printing itself if good and with a bit of hand-filing, printed objects come out extremely well. The bolt on nature of this printer also means that if he becomes more advanced and wants to produced more details then he can buy additional parts instead of an expensive upgrade! There is no argument that this 3D printer is a very cool gadget for men and that with the provided advise, he can be printing all manner of objects in no time!With the rapid advance of 3D printing technology, you can purchase this device, which for example a couple of years ago would have been very expensive, at a much more agreeable price.

Some users have mentioned that delicate parts can be susceptible to breaking, however the supplier has proved very forthcoming in supplying replacement parts.All in all an excellent 3D printer and an awesome gadget for men!

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Best for the enthusiast

Flashforge Single Extruder 3D Printer

Flashforge Single Extruder 3D Printer

This particular offering from the well-established producer Flashforge is somewhat more exclusive as 3D printers go. They market this printer as a product for the more well versed user and also make you aware of how safe this particular model is. This makes for a great gadget for men who are already into 3D printing or have a background in the industry!

The product looks smart and is finished in a matte red, complete with front screen. It includes features such as; a simple built in filament design, notification alarm to warn the user when the filament is empty, a professional single extruder structure (to avoid clog) , assistance levelling and 4G Storage to name just a few.

The printer is well presented and packaged in a smart box which contains the full assembled printer. Almost straight out of the box the printer is ready to start producing amazing items! This is an ideal gadget for men who like to produce their own things and who get a sense of satisfaction from doing it.

The printer feels both sturdy and durable and the single extruder appears to work without problems. The items this printer produces are detailed and don’t have too much waste material left on the surface and around the edges. The printer is compatible with all the major design software and the connection between them is extremely quick and reliable. In addition to this, the screen shows progress and quickly diagnoses any major issues, faults or blockages in the 3D printer. This printer is one of the best on the market at this price point and a seriously great gadget for men!

On a small downside, some users have commented that the board or plate on which items are produced is not very durable and fails with excessive usage.All in all though an excellent 3D printer, an ideal gadget for men who are experienced in 3D printing or very mechanically minded!

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Is your man a child ay heart? If so, then drones can be a great option as gadget for men! They are exciting, versatile and can be a challenge to fly so they’re ideal to keep any man busy! Due to their recent popularity, the market it full with different models and deciding on one can be tricky. We here at Give Him Gifts have therefore selected two great drones so yu can get an awesome gadget for men!

Best for beginners

Snaptain S5C drone

Snaptain S5C drone

Learning to fly a drone can be a tricky business and there are often a few unintentional hard landings when starting out! This is why when shopping for beginners this drone is the best option and as a gadget for men! The price point isn’t too high and there are enough features to keep him busy. Just some of these features include; FPV Live stream, 720p HD Video quality, smart features to help beginners, auto-pilot for altitude control and a durable and flexible body.

The drone is also compatible with most smartphones to view the footage and can be enjoyed in high definition resolution.

This can be taken to the park by him and get a great birds-eye viewing which you would never ordinarily see or he can film the kids football on it, achieving some great angles!

The product appears durable and high quality weathering well hard landings and wind resistance. The motor is powerful enough to achieve good height and can fly against quite strong head-winds, meaning it can be used in most conditions. The quality that the video records at is remarkable and the stabilisation of the camera is impressive. The smart-aid which assist with take-off and landing while he is learning is extremely helpful and saves both time and some crashes! Alongside these benefits, the live-stream ability is great in allowing you to see what your drone sees right at that very minute! There is no doubt this is a super cool gadget for men!

Some users have commented on the fact that the drone is smaller than expected and is possibly slightly misrepresented in the photos. In addition to this it appears that spare or replacement parts are difficult to find and if the drone goes wrong, without taking it to a specialist, it is redundant.

Despite this the price is very good and we here at Give Him Gifts highly recommend this both as a gadget for men and as a drone.

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Best for the pilots

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone

Anyone who’s into their drones will be familiar with the firm DJI, who are synonymous for producing the highest quality quadcopters. This drone is no exception and boasts a huge specification of features such as; a Hassleblad 20MP Camera, up to 31 minutes flight time (max. speed of 44mph) and the ability to shoot 4K video, to just name but a few. This offering is a gadget for men with experience, knowledge and confidence in flying drones, a very serious piece of kit.

This drone is ideal for him to get some incredibly detailed aerial shots or to get some memorable film at a wedding for example.The drone is presented boxed, with all the necessary accessories to begin flying and recording!

The drone is clearly very well manufactured and the unique fold-away function is remarkable. The camera, a Hassleblad, a company famed for their exquisite photography equipment, produces incredible 4K photographs which really do the birds-eye and the drone justice. The long battery life and run time is almost unheard of and will mean that he can explore the greater area with this drone to his heart’s content or the worry of it running out of juice! The Active Track 2.0 obstacle sensing technology means that crashes are very unlikely, something which is crucial for such an exclusive product. In addition to all of these benefits, the flight of the unit is superb, with a tight turning circle and a huge amount of power this is an extremely entertaining gadget for men!

The drone is of great expense and there are competitors with similar specs that undercut it. Despite this, we believe that it is the famous Hassleblad camera that gives this drone the cutting edge!

All in all, an excellent drone and an even better gadget for men! We here at Give Him Gifts highly recommend you check this one out!

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