Dads can be the hardest to buy for right!?

How many times have you spent hours in a department store to find a gift for dad, only to return home exhausted and empty handed? Here at Give Him Gifts we’ve taken the hard work out of the equation. We know that Dads come in all shapes and sizes so we’ve picked a bespoke range of products so you can choose the perfect gift for Dad.

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E-book Readers

Can you really get Dad more socks or another tie this year? Getting a special gift for Dad can be priceless, but who says you need to burn a hole in your pocket? Over the past 10 years there’s been a reading revolution and now more than ever an E-book reader is a must have accessory. Give Him Gifts have selected two leading E-book readers, one which we class as best for build quality and the alternative best for bookworms, to make sure you get a gift for dad that truly counts.

Best for build quality

The All- new Kindle Paperwhite

All New Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon’s mid-range offering, the Kindle Papewhite is a traditional e-book reader, with plastic casing and a baclit display which enters 2019 with some new improved features, including waterproofing, the ability to support audiobooks and larger available storage.With the Kindle Paperwhite dad will be able to indulge in his favourite crime series on holiday, delve into the secrets of the Roman empire in the garden or catch up on the latest news while sitting on the sofa.

Plus, while getting a great gift for dad, you’ll be able to clear out that bookshelf too! The Kindle, as it has for many years now, sets the precedent for E-book readers in the ever expanding market. The all new Paperwhite does just this, combining some of the favourable features of older models, such as a sturdy design and amazon’s vast store of literature with new features such as an audiobook setting and waterproofing, making it also a versatile gift for dads. Alongside this, the excellent anti-glare screen and adjusted backlighting allows for great reading everywhere and anywhere, so this is a gift for dad you’ll always see him using! On the downside, the Paperwhite has a relatively small screen (especially when compared with a physical printed book) but does align with the average market screen size for a mid-range E-book reader. You maybe then thinking, ‘well compactness would be good for portability’, however the large bezel surrounding the screen can make transport a little tricky and probably wouldn’t slot into a trouser pocket, as alternatives may.

So, would the Kindle Paperwhite really be a good gift for Dad? Well in the short yes, it’s an extremely good product, boasting some of the features of a higher end E-book reader, without the high end price tag. The friendly interface allows any tech novice to use it to the full and some larger Levi’s will surely be worth the cost, let’s be honest he needed them anyway!

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Best for bookworms

The Kobo Aura H20 (2nd Edition)

The Kobo Aura H20 (2nd Edition)

The Kobo Aura H20 enters the market as a successor to a number of previously successful E-book readers produced by Kobo, including the first edition of the model in question. The most notable feature from the new aptly named model is the claimed waterproof ability of the reader, a feature which the market has been demanding now for a number of years. Other key features include the large (6.8 inch) screen and 8gb of storage space.

. The Aura H20 is the perfect gift for dads who are less tech savvy or hard of eyesight, who will benefit from the simple operating system and larger screen. From relaxing in the bath to sending the kids off with a bedtime story, this gift for dad is guaranteed to keep him glued.

The Kobo Aura H20 places itself at the higher end of the E-book reader market, with a plastic yet premium feel. The setup is remarkably fast and simple, eliminating the hassle of an arduous instillation process which other models require (the general, day to day operation is also of this nature). In addition to this, dad will never be short of choice, with the reader offering the ability to hold up to 6,000 books at one time! Accidents do happen, and any involving water will likely not cause the Kobo Aura any major issues given the IPX8 water resistance rating, making it a suitable gift for dads who are slightly clumsier!

Less desirable features include the lower build quality, especially when compared with competitors such as the Kindle Oasis, meaning waist height drops onto a hard surface would most likely cause at least scratching. Despite the Kobo having internet searching capabilities, a desirable feature, they have proven to be poor and unreliable, and a smartphone would usually be a more satisfactory option.

Overall, the Kobo Aura H20 second edition offers itself as a strong contender in the E-book reader market and an equally strong contender as a gift for dads. The attractive and reasonable pricing, considering the E-book readers features and place in the market appears to outweigh the drawbacks and makes the product highly commendable.

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Will Dad really be satisfied with the usual corner shop whiskey this year or is it time to find him something more special? Whiskey can be a great gift for dads, but getting the it right can be a very tricky business. Give Him Gifts have selected two fantastic whiskies, both with differing attributes in order for you to get an awesome gift for dad, which will be sure to make any occasion memorable.

Best for value

Auchentoshan Three Wood Single Malt

Auchentoshan Three Wood Single Malt

Auchentoshan is a well-established distillery based in West Scotland, founded in 1825. The Three Wood single malt offered, is well balanced and easy to drink. It provides a palate that is intense, sweet and complex with a finish that is fresh, fruity and a follow through coming from the wood.

This particular whiskey can be enjoyed after a dinner party with friends, on a quite evening in, casually with a mixer or for a celebration, such as an anniversary. Its quality of smoothness means that even an unseasoned whiskey drinker can enjoy the flavours ‘straight’ and without a mixer. These qualities make it an ideal gift for dad, especially given that the price tag doesn’t ‘break the bank’.

The Three wood single malt scotch is a high grade whiskey, produced from an established supplier which is smooth, easy to drink and with a very reasonable market price. It is an excellent alternative to suppliers such as Johnnie Walker and The Famous Grouse who target a similar price point. This makes it a great alternative gift for dad.

On the other hand, some palates find the whiskey slightly ‘one dimensional’ and lacking in mature depth which can be found from scotch with has been more aged. It is clear this whiskey is aimed at gentle palates which may not be used to regular whiskey consumption, however still is a very well regarded Scotch and a certainly appreciated gift for dad.

Auchentoshan Three Wood Single Malt Scotch Whiskey is a proven crowd pleaser and despite some drawbacks, the reasonable price reflects that the Scotch is unlikely to be the perfect article. It is an offering which provides a unique alternative to the common supermarket shelf fillers which you may have previously turned to when looking for a gift for dad. Here at Give Him Gifts we highly recommend this product.

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Best for flavour

Balblair 1991 Vintage Scotch Whiskey

Balblair 1991 Vintage Scotch Whiskey

Balblair has long been a key player in high end and exclusive scotch. The Balblair 1991 Vintage Scotch Whiskey is a successor to the 1st and 2nd releases of the Balblair 1990 Vintage, which proved extremely popular with the well regarded whiskey connoisseurs.

It boasts a combined palate of honeycomb, brown sugar and walnut loaf and finishes with a deep and sustained caramel sweetness. It would be an ideal as a high end special gift for dads, possibly for a significant birthday or anniversary.

The scotch could be enjoyed by Dad through the course of many years, perhaps as an annual Christmas warmer or as a birthday drink, with a single ice cube. Equally it could be passed on from generation to generation, becoming a family tradition and turning a gift for dad into a considerably more expansive present.

Balblair 1991 Vintage Scotch, would be most enjoyed by a well-seasoned whiskey drinker with a sensitive palate who could appreciate the complex flavours. Some dads who enjoy expanding their vintage Scotch collection would find this gift exceptional, due to its scarcity. The main drawback of the Scotch is the high market price which despite reflecting the quality, which can be justified, also places it into the category of many other well regarded whiskies.

As gifts for dads go, this product is truly exceptional and considered extremely exclusive. The high price can be justified, given him being interested in whiskey and understanding of the depth of flavours which this Balblair scotch offers. If this is not the case, the Scotch can also be considered to an extent an investment which may remain unopened and still be an exceptional gift for dads.

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Looking to get Dad a real page turner? Biographies can be a great gift for dads but selecting a good read can be really difficult, especially when buying for somebody else. The range is vast from military tacticians to contemporary superstars and not all prove to be the page turners they’ve promised. Give Him Gifts have especially selected two very different biographies, catering to very different interests which we think will be a very well suited gift for dads of all varieties!

Best for History

Churchill: Walking with destiny

Churchill: Walking with Destiny

The extensive yet engaging book on the life of one of Britain’s most iconic leaders, who led Great Britain, against all odds, to victory in the second world war is detailed in this biography. The biography gives an in-depth and insightful look into both Churchill’s political career and private life, some of which has never been previously reported on. This work is excellent for any dad, particularly a great gift for dads with a keen interest in history and/or Churchill himself.

It’s an ideal read for holidays on the beach, winter evenings by the fire or on the daily commute and alongside being extremely interesting, also evokes a sense of national pride and to a greater extent inspiration. In many ways Churchill: Walking with destiny is as much a biography as a self-improvement and motivational manual, to create ‘a better version of yourself’, making it a must have gift for dads who are looking for direction in life.

Alongside the writing, the book is filled with drawings, diagrams and maps which all help illustrate the text and bring to life the stories and anecdotes which have been cleverly woven in. The biography also shows flaws in character which reveal the man behind the ‘v-sign’ and cigars, and therefore gives a refreshing and reflective look at Churchill himself, synonymous of the writing of Andrew Roberts.

The biography market is rather full of Churchill based literature and there are many alternatives to ‘Walking with destiny’, some of which have the benefit of having worked in greater proximity to Winston Churchill, the man himself.As gifts for dads go, most Churchill biographies are a safe bet and Churchill: Walking with destiny is no exception. This will certainly keep dad engaged, through the roller coaster that was the life of Mr. Churchill.

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Best for sports fans

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Two of the most well regarded sports and investigative journalists, Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian present the first and arguably most comprehensive biography detailing the secrets behind Tiger Woods and his success in the world of golf. Tiger woods has been the mysterious “king of golf” for the past two decades and sports fans from across the world have always questioned his mentality, hence making this a must have gift for dads with a sporting interest.

The work has been excellently crafted for ease of reading and gives an insight into the mind of the very man himself. Woods early in his career achieved unprecedented success on the golf course up to the turning point of 2009, when he became thrust to the forefront of the world media after a car accident and allegations of a marriage break up, was relatively private. This makes the biography not exclusively interesting for sports fans and can become almost story like, possibly widening the market to gifts for dads of all enthusiasms and persuasions.

Tiger Woods is unique as a sports biography, giving a roller coaster and at sometimes deeply emotional read and is not purely sports based, including important psychological aspects, never before revealed. The work is also extremely well researched, with a total of three years profiling before writing began, therefore meaning an extensive and holistic view is achieved. As a gift for dads, Tiger Woods makes a convincing case, especially for a sports and/or golf fans.

As with all biographies, the writing is based upon research rather than a first person perspective, meaning it does have drawbacks. Despite this, the surprisingly low retail price makes it a very attractive ‘budget’ gift for dads and here at Give Him Gifts, we recommend it highly.

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Vinyl Players

They don’t make them like they used to right? Wrong, well at least when it comes to vinyl players! A great gift for dads with nostalgic memories of records combining all the old charm with the great sound qualities of modern speakers. Here at Give Him Gifts we recon they’ll be the next big thing when it comes to gifts for dad!

Best for value

The Audio-Technica Turntable

The Audio-Technica Turntable

This mid-range offering from Audio-technica is a traditional direct- drive record player with the ability to play at a variety of 3 speeds (33, 44 or 75rpm). The turnable also features a USB port which allows digital recording of records to be made, a gift for dads who are perhaps more technologically informed!Dad will be able to relive his younger days whether it’s a reunion of old friends or a family get together and what better soundtrack to have than some of the old favourites playing through a vinyl player!

The Audio- Technica isn’t just an awesome gift for dad but a great present for the whole of the party too!

Now, onto the technical stuff. The player produces a sound which is clear, crisp and manages to locate the finer details of the music which maybe missed on a lower quality or older player. The set-up and general use if very simple, and the process is little different from using a traditional turnable. This makes for a low hassle high reward gift for dads who are less inclined to manually enjoy their music!

On the slight downside, the quality does lack when the USB is used to create recordings. The finer details of the music become lost and the general quality is lower and less clear with a distinct flatness to the music. Alongside this, despite have the ability to play at three speeds, the fastest (78rpm) requires an additional purchase of a cartridge, however the relatively low initial outlay cost does perhaps reflect this and this maybe another great gift for dad when he’s got to grips with the turnable!

All in all, the Audio-Technica Turnable is a sophisticated yet surprisingly easy to use vinyl player which provides great quality at a fraction of the price of some of the more ‘premium models”. We think this is a truly great gift for dad which will be enjoyed for as many years as he can still pull off those classic dad moves on the dancefloor!

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Best for sound quality

The Rega Planar 2 Turnable

The Rega Planar 2 Turntable

Rega have become a well-established name in the hi-fi and vinyl business over the past 2 decades and have been recognized for products which boast both excellent sound and build qualities. The planar 2 has been ‘cut from the same cloth’ as its predecessor and has seemingly managed to build on the excellent attributes of the Planar 1. The Planar 2 is a great gift for dads who are keen on Hifi systems and immense sound quality.

Dad will be able to enjoy all his favourite vinyls, immersing himself in the rich sounds after a long day at work, on a lazy Sunday or with old friends!

The Rega Planar 2 is beautiful in the fact that it combines incredible sound quality with the simplicity which is the basis of a vinyl player. The sound is second to none for the price bracket and as a gift for dad, is up there with some of the best! The low noise motor and all new bearing make interference low and keep the sound purity that has always been so desired from a record player.

The price tag is just shy of £400 which as gifts for dads go, is at the high end and cheaper satisfactory alternatives are of course available. The turnable is not really intended for your average music fan and is more niche, possibly intended for superior music fans with a passion for high quality sound.

In conclusion, a luxury, well-built and high quality vinyl player which boasts all the facilities that would be expected at this price point. The Rega Planar 2 Turnable is a great option as a gift for dad, especially if vinyl is a pursuit in which he is interested in.

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Is dad really still wearing that tatty old coat? Get a gift for dad that’ll not only warm his heart with your kindness but also his body! We here at Give Him Gifts know that not all dads are the same and that’s why we’ve selected two very different styles, one of which we class as ‘Best for business’ and the other ‘Best for country”, which will help you establish the best gift for dad to keep him warm and dry this year!

Best for business

Vogstyle casual woolen long jacket

Vogstyle Casual Woolen Long Jacket

Vogstyle is a fairly new and possibly considered a ‘up and coming’ brand in the fashion world. They combine luxury quality without demanding the out of reach price tags that more established brands do. The offering of this woolen long jacket is a premium, smart business style overcoat, the style of which have become extremely popular in the past 5 years, a great gift for dads with a sense of fashion! It’s an ideal accessory for the commute to work or perhaps an outdoor function such as a wedding, which will prove both formal and functional. The 45:55 wool: polyester mix allows breathability and at the same time warmth which works in conjunction with the high grade fleece lining to provide constant thermal comfort to the user.

This gift for dad will be certain to keep him comfortable even if conditions do change throughout the day! The quality for the price is remarkably good and comparable with high end brands such as Ted Baker. The fit is generally good and getting the sizing right should give a snug fit on the shoulders, without pulling or restriction.

Despite this, there have been reported problems with loss of the buttons which perhaps could be better secured to better whether general wear and tear. It should also be noted that sizes are not generic and often come up smaller than expected so it may be worth going up a size or two, let’s face it Dad needs it!

At face value the coat is reasonable, especially given the quality and attractive aesthetics. There are of course drawbacks to a less well-known brand and this may show in term of quality control (for example the sizing and button damage). It’s a great money saving gift for dad which looks high end and exclusive and comes highly recommended from us here at Give Him Gifts.

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Best for the country

Jack Murphy Sedgefield Wax Jacket

Jack Murphy Sedgefield Wax Jacket

Jack Murphy is a well-established clothing brand which have been in the market for almost 100 years. They pride themselves on delivering classic country designs to a high standard using contemporary methods. The Sedgefield Wax jacket is a textbook wax jacket design and resembles more premium jackets produced by the likes of Barbour. It boasts clever built in features such as pocket hand warmer, a high quality microfleece lining and a credit card pocket, ideal for modern living. It also has a ventilation feature such as multiple snap vents which ensure comfortable use. The design aligns with country living and will be ideal for long county walks, a pub lunch or possibly shopping around town. It really is an ideal gift for dads who enjoy and outdoor, rural lifestyle!

The Jack Murphy Sedgefield Wax Jacket is comparable with the Barbour alternative at a fraction of the price, with a similar level of quality. The clever features and classic design make it very desirable and as the phrase goes “buy well and buy once” is the case with this gift for dads. A sturdy design with a durable build quality which is like to stand the test of time, provided it is re-waxed when required.

It must also be noted that cheaper alternatives of similar styles are available and Rydale clothing provide a good substitute. In addition to this the question can be asked, would the extra cost of a Barbour be justified for resale? Apart from this generally the coat is without flaw and would be an extremely good gift for dads.

We here at Give Him Gifts rate the Jack Murphy Sedgefield Wax jacket highly and believe if you purchase this gift for dad, he will too!

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In the immortal words from the pop song, did video really kill the radio? Well it seems not! Radio is booming and the trend of ‘smart radios’ with an ever increasing number of features is all the rage. Radios can be an awesome gift for dads, allowing him to enjoy all his favourite stations and play his own terrible tunes! We’ve selected 2 radios both at differing price points and with different functions to help you get the ideal gift for dad!

Best for interconnectivity

The Roberts Revival iStream 2

The Roberts Revival iStream 2

Combining classic 50’s styling with awesome features, this offering from Roberts isn’t just a great radio but a fashion statement for any household (and obviously a great gift for dads!!). It boasts features that weve now come to expect with a smart radio, such as FM/DAB/DAB+ capabilities, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and access to ‘Spotify Connect’. Alongside this the range is vast and varied with over 20,000 internet radio stations and podcasts available which should keep dad busy! In terms of acoustics, the radio is by no means classic like its styling and provides a great depth of sound due to the acoustically positive casing and high quality speakers.

The Revival iStream 2 would sit perfectly in any modern kitchen taking pride of place or alternatively dad could enjoy it out in any summer house or beach hut. The lightweight design makes it easily transportable, another great feature making it a great gift for dad. He could be catching up on the latest cricket action from 5live, realise how close the three day test is and instantly play his relaxing Spotify playlist!

The build quality is high and the choice of materials is excellently authentic to its 1950s routes. In many ways it’s a wolf in lambs clothing, with a tame classic radio exterior and a wonderfully diverse set of features on the interior!

On the downside the price point is almost £200 which appears high, however Roberts are considered the market leaders in smart radio technology. Here at Give Him Gifts we believe the price is justified given how great this radio is as a gift for dad!

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Best for value for money

Pure Siesta Rise S Alarm Clock

Pure Siesta Rise S Alarm Clock

The siesta Rise S is part of a greater range of quality alarm clocks produced by Siesta. But don’t be fooled, this is much more than your conventional alarm clock. With features such as Bluetooth connectivity, digital radio and ultra-clear display this is the perfect combination alarm clock come radio. This is a great gift for dads who need a bit of help getting up for work or the kids football on a Saturday morning! The colourful display and three variety settings of alarms bring what is often considered a fully function based piece of tech, a form and function driven unit. This is refreshing and will be more of a gift for dad, rather than a necessity.

The Pure Siesta Rise offers a huge amount of bang for your buck, retailing at just shy of £90, undercutting many competitors such as Bose. The alarms are have a smart and gentle wake up and in addition to this the sound from the speakers is excellent. Bluetooth wireless connectivity allows for Dad to play all his own tunes to his hearts content! As gifts for Dads go, this will prove both useful and enjoyable which is often a difficult combination of qualities to find.

Some customers have reported problems with dim displays and the adjustment to external light being poor. In addition, the Pure Siesta is relatively light which some people believe to feel slightly cheap, something which is not expected at this price point.

It cannot be denied that the product is sound (pardon the pun!) and would make a great gift for dads of all kind. Sound quality, versatility and a host of features outweigh some of the problems experienced with the Pure Siesta Rise S Alarm Clock. Overall a good functional product.

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We as the British are the ‘Gardeners of the planet’ and although Dad may disagree, we know how much pride goes into his lawn! Lawnmowers are great gifts for dads and there are many different options to get those perfect stripes. We here at Give Him Gifts have hand selected two excellent lawnmowers, one which we class as ‘Best for traditional’ and the alternative ‘Best for technology’.

Best for the traditional

The Bosch Rotak 430 LI Cordless Lawnmower

Bosch Rotak 430 LI Cordless Lawnmower

Bosch have been a leader in the appliances market for decades now and have managed to gain an equally good reputation in the electric lawnmowers field (pardon the pun!). The Rotak 430 takes its place towards the top end of the Bosch range and its array of features reflect this. The first thing to note is that it is a cordless electric mower with two lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are quick to charge, regaining 100% in just 140 minutes and the cordless nature means that dad won’t be limited by range.

(A great gift for dads with large gardens!). The mower has been designed with comfort in mind, which is reflected in the ergonomic handles and adjustable height. From back gardens to a small front lawn, Dad will be able to comfortably achieve a football pitch standard of grass cutting that he’s always dreamed of! The Bosch as a gift for dad will truly put a smile on his face with his handiwork.

The cutting blade has been developed to achieve a good cut in all conditions, even on wet grass- a notoriously difficult cutting condition. This is thanks to the hardened steel blade and specialized air flow technology, almost exclusive to Bosch. The assembly process of ‘quick click’ means it’s both fast and simple to assemble and start using (This is a gift for dad that he won’t be shouting at!)

On the downside, the price of over £400 is relatively high for an electric lawnmower and at this price point, powerful petrol driven mowers are also available. Other problems which have been experienced with the Bosch Rotak 430 LI include short run times from the Lithium Ion batteries, limiting the use of this mower.

There is no doubt this is a great gift for dad, but the high price and key drawbacks may mean there are better alternatives. As always with Bosch the quality is high and will most definitely be lasting.

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Best for the Lazy Dad

Flymo 1200R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower

Flymo 1200R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawn Mower

Flymo, famed for being the pioneers of electric lawnmowers bring a different offering to the market with this device. The Robotic lawnmower allows Dad to relax, safe in the knowledge the lawn is being cut to his own specification while he puts his feet up! Powered by an energy saving lithium ion battery and with the ability to service gardens up to 400M2, this device really is the ideal time saver. Giving this gift for dad will not only save him time but also the strain of maintaining the lawns.

The beauty of the robotic lawnmower is that lawns can be cut everyday if you so wish and they’ll be plenty more time for dad to watch his favourite team, take the kids to football or get on with some urgent DIY!

The Flymo 1200R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower is one of the first pieces of robotic technology that delivers. It deals well with inclines (upto 25 degrees), grass of all lengths and gives a complete an even cut to any lawn. It’s an incredibly good gift for dads who are busy and find themselves juggling responsibilities!

Some long-term issues have been experienced and the support provided by Flymo themselves has said to be lacking. Also it is important to note that the off the shelf price doesn’t include all the accessories required to get the ultimate function from the machine. Despite this, in the current market, given the mower has been on sale for a couple of years now, meaning the price has been quite vastly reduced and it is probably an ideal time to purchase this gift for dad.

We at Give Him Gifts think this product is excellent and well worth the asking price of over £500.

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Wine Coolers

Struggling for fridge space? Wine bottles can take up valuable fridge space and sometimes isn’t stored at an ideal temperature. Home wine coolers are the answer and an awesome gift for dads with a taste for the vino! We at Give Him Gifts have selected 2 great products, one which we class as ‘Best for space’ and the other ‘Best for smart tech’. Well help to ensure you get a gift for dad that’ll be cherished almost as much as the wine inside!

Best for space

Russel Hobbs Freestanding/integrated 46 Bottle Wine Cooler

Russell Hobbs Freestanding Integrated 46 Bottle Wine Cooler

If you’re looking to get a gift for dad that is the ‘mother’ of all wine coolers then look no further than this offering from Russel Hobbs! Boasting space for almost 50 bottles, Dad will be sure never to be short of choice! The wine cooler also has the ability of dual temperature zones for different varieties of wine ranging from 5 to -22 degrees Celsius. Combine all these features with an elegant composite design of glass and timber and the ability to use the unit freestanding or integrated and it makes for an awesome wine cooler and an even more awesome gift for dad.

The Russel hobbs cooler is a great accessory for any kitchen, games room or family area. You can impress your guests with the sleek design and host of functions which I’m sure dad will be keen to show off! The cooler works exceptionally for large gatherings of parties, quickly chilling up to 46 bottles!

Combining style, sophistication, functionality and to top it off a 2 year warranty the Russel Hobbs 46 bottle wine cooler is a great proposition and a fantastic option as a gift for dad. There’s a huge amount to like about this clever piece of design and once you’ve experienced it, it’s very difficult to live without!

On the other side of the coin, the big downside is the price. Sure splashing out now and again on a gift for dad doesn’t do much harm but the price tag of £369.99 is a big step up and other coolers are available at a lower price point.

All in all, an awesome product and a gift for dad that would without a doubt be appreciated, but it must be asked, do you really require such a high capacity?

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Best for smart tech

The Kalamera KR-18JPE Freestanding Touchscreen Wine Cooler

Kalamera KR-18JPE Freestanding Touchscreen Wine Cooler

Kalamera are fairly new to the wine cooler market, however have proved themselves with other models. The smart touch screen cooler has a multitude of features such as quick cooling and adjustable temperature. As wine coolers go, despite being high tech, the Kalamera is low hassle and quite simple to use. This is a great gift for dads who are less inclined to tinker with a lot of settings! The cooler features a wide temperature range and combines great features with sleek contemporary design.

This cooler is ideal for any kitchen, living room, games room or possibly the study (a great gift for dads who need to take a break from the grind!).

The touch screen is responsive and the temperature is simple to change. The smart yet neutral design means that the cooler fits into all styles of décor and instillation is equally simple. The cooler has the ability to hold 18 bottles at a time, which is fairly reasonable and even for situations such as parties, shouldn’t be problematic. As a gift for dad this will likely almost slot into his daily routine!

On the slight downside, the cooler has proved to be considerably less effective when used in warm conditions, so its most probably best to use it inside. Alongside this, some users have reported that the gloss finish, yet smart, becomes easily smudged with finger prints, so best keep the kids well clear!

As a gift for dad, The Kalamera Freestanding Touchscreen Wine Cooler is a great option. Crammed with awesome features, simple use and a fairly reasonable price all considered.

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What better way to show dad how much he means that styling him up with some new footwear? An ideal gift for the slightly less fashion savvy dads, so you don’t find him walking around town in those terrible tatty trainers! We here at Give Him Gifts have specifically selected 2 varieties of footwear so you’re able to get a gift for dad that’ll surely go the extra miles (pardon the pun!)

Best for comfort

Snug Leaves Memory Foam Slippers

Snug Leaves Memory Foam Slippers

Combining a great mix of quality materials and excellent build, these slippers are a winner when it comes to comfort. The memory foam base and high grade wool make these the perfect gift for dads who spend most of the day in hard leathered business shoes or put miles down on the running track in trainers!

They’re just what dad will desire to slip into at the end of a long day or on a lazy Sunday. There are so many plus points to this product. Firstly, for the level of quality the price is extremely reasonable and almost all competitors retail at almost double the price. This is a present which will keep dad both warm and comfortable! Alongside this, the slipper takes a classic shape, but provides considerably more support, comfort and is far better for the health of the users feet due to the memory foam base.

Snug leaves memory foam slippers are mainly intended for indoor use and when used outdoors do not fayre particularly well with the sole becoming quickly worn and the sheepskin wool staining easily, maybe not the best gift for dads who are out and about a lot! It is also worth noting that for increased comfort it is best to go up at least one shoe size.

Here at Give Him Gifts we highly recommend these slippers as a gift for dad. We would go as far as saying they’re the best value for money product we’ve so far reviewed. A combination of high quality at a great price and doing exactly the job they’re designed to!

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Best for Summer

The Timberland 2-eyed Boat Shoe

Timberland 2-Eyed Boat Shoe

Timberland host a vast range of quality shoes, from the classic boot to smarter business shoes. The deck shoe offered by them here is the classic and timeless boat shoe style which has become synonymous and vital to any smart/casual summer outfit.

The 2 tone brown leather and cream stitching combined with leather lacing and brass outer eye holes give an exceptionally smart yet relaxed aesthetic. This is an ideal gift for dads who regularly attend summer parties or casual business mixers.

The shoe can of course be used for its primary function on deck whilst taking the boat out for the day. Dad will more likely be using these great shoes for a family picnic, a summer party or in sunnier climbs on holiday. As a gift for dad these are a great durable option which will be appreciated for many years to come.

Timberland almost always manufactures at a high level of quality and these boat shoes are absolutely no exception. The leather is both soft and supple, showing the quality and despite being by nature deck shoes intended for good weather, they are surprisingly durable and resistant to staining. So these are a gift for dad that he’ll struggle to damage!

On the downside as is often the case with Timberland, you pay for the quality and the brand. Compared to alternatives such as Samuel Windsor, the Timberland deck shoes are priced high at over £250. Despite getting a gift for dad that is great is important, can this price really be justified?

Well for enduring quality, and resale value we here at Give Him Gifts would suggest that yes, they are worth the rather fat price tag!

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