He drives you mad, but you love him. You’ve spent your childhood arguing and you’re still arguing as adults.

And that’s why GiveHimGifts provides the ideal selection of gifts for brothers. Whether it’s fun, clever or classy gifts which would suit him best we have something for you to choose. Getting the right gifts for brothers here at GiveHimGifts and it will ensure you’re still talking this time next year!

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Classic Gaming Consoles

Remember those golden days of you and your brother spending hours playing James bond on the PlayStation or beating him at Super Mario? Sure, gaming has come a long way but sometimes you just can’t beat the classics can you? Classic gaming consoles are great as gifts for brothers! Here at Give Him Gifts we have selected two of the best classic gaming consoles so you can get an awesome gift for your brother.

Best For The 90s

Nintendo Classic Mini Console: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

This offering from Nintendo is a like for like scaled down version of the 1990’s Home console produced by them. In its time it was hugely successful with games such as Yoshi, Samsus and the Star Fox crew all available on the device. This is still the case with the all new product with 21 games pre-loaded and two wired NES controllers included, allowing multiplayer gaming. The device has an awesome retro aesthetic and as a gift for brothers, it’ll bring those 90’s memories flooding back.

The Nintendo Classic Mini would be great for a family competition or with a group of old friends where they could relive all those awesome games! Equally it would be an ideal feature for a 90’s themed party, imagine playing Yoshi after a few beers! This is a truly thoughtful gift for brothers that he’ll certainly enjoy.

The design is excellent, intricate and perfectly detailed to the original console. Alongside this, the operating system appears original, however is considerably faster and a huge amount more reliable. This allows for all the fun of the 90’s with the benefits of modern tech! There are a huge amount of preloaded games, nearly all of which are recognizable classics such as Super Mario Kart and Donkey Kong Country which means that youll be all set to play as soon as it arrives and without any additional costs!

This is a gift that looks expensive yet is very reasonably priced, especially for all the great features included. This makes it an awesome gift for brothers!

The graphics are true to their 90’s roots, so don’t purchase this product expecting the old games in ultra HD definition, because that isn’t what the Nintendo Classic Mini is about. What also should be noted is that an additional cable must be purchased in order to be up and running, however with this price also considered the product remains great value for money.

All in all, we here at Give Him Gifts highly recommend the Nintendo Classic Mini Console as a gift for brothers and believe it will be something he will truly treasure (especially if he grew up in the 90’s!).

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Everyone enjoys the thrill of gambling, whether it’s putting all on black on the roulette table to betting on the horses. Imagine being able to play your favourite gambling games from the comfort of your own home, well these gifts for brothers promise exactly that! We here at Give Him Gifts have selected two excellent gambling sets so that you can be sure to get a great gift for brothers.

Best For Poker

CQ Poker 500 High Roller Set

Poker Set

If Poker is your brothers game then this set is excellent! The set allows poker to be played in the comfort of your own home with 4-8 individuals and with all the thrill of the casino floor. The set is presented in a premium aluminum elongated brief case and features 500 11.5g poker chips (casino weight), 2 decks of high grade casino cards and 5 quality dice. The set gives you all the key ingredients to play games such as blackjack and poker.

This set would be an ideal gift for brothers than enjoy playing cards with friends. It could easily be enjoyed at home or taken to a friends in the locking carrier case for an evening of fun!

The set is of a high quality and feels it. The chips have a good weight and the cards feel durable and firm. The set is ideal for occasional play, perhaps 4-12 times per year and should last for years without significant deterioration. The price is surprisingly reasonable for the quality and quantity of the set which of course is always beneficial. This is a very viable option as gift for brothers.

Some purchasers have revealed that the aluminum case had been damaged with dents, most likely in transit however this would most likely be expected over time in any case. Some have also noted that the chips have arrived in a dirty or almost pre-worn condition. Despite this, you can’t expect perfection at this price level.

In general, the CQ Poker 500 High Roller Set is an excellent product and a great gift for brothers. The set is very comprehensive and will surely be enjoyed by your brother and many others!

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Best For Roulette

Huge 40cm Roulette Wheel

Roulette Wheel

Roulette is a great yet simple game which can be enjoyed at home with this set! Its 40cm in diameter which is large for a home set and comparable with ones which you’d see on the casino floor. The quality is excellent with a smooth action flow of the wheel and including two roulette balls. This set would be ideal for an evening in with friends, or perhaps as a great attraction at a party. It would be greatly received as a gift for brothers, and be enjoyed by a whole host of guests.

The product is presented and packaged well, and there have been no real reports of a damaged product arriving from the seller. The spin is unexpectedly good for the price of the unit and looks as if it will prove durable over time. This brings me nicely onto the price which is very and surprisingly low, especially after using the product for a while. The size is impressive and means that the game has a more real feel to it, rather than an imitation game which cheaper and smaller products resemble. There are some nasty cheap alternatives on the market which have predictable spins and the movement of the wheel is not at all the smooth, making it difficult to carry out a good fair game of roulette.This is an excellent gift for boyfriends that can be not only enjoyed by him but over 10 other people!

Some of the downsides of the roulette wheel include the movement occasionally becoming stiff over long periods of use and the felt being of considerably lower quality when compared with the rest of the sets components.

This all said, the product is very reasonable and would be an ideal gift for brothers. We here at Give Him Gifts strongly recommend you take a look at this great Roulette set!

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Board Games

Board games become traditions in many families from monopoly to Cluedo, but could your family do with a new one? A great gift for brothers is a new board game which can be enjoyed by the whole family! There’s a whole host of games on the market and making a decision can be tricky! We here at Give Him Gifts have hand selected 2 great games so you are able to get the best gift for brothers.

Best For Over 18

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is perfect for horrible people! It manages to bring out the cynical side of everyone playing and creates some hilarious combinations! The game itself is simple, every round one person selects a black card which contains a sentence part of which is blanked out.

It is then the turn of the other players to fill the sentence with their best possible card. The player with the black card reads all the hilarious combinations out and the decides upon the best combination of cards. The product consists of a durable box containing 500 white cards and 100 black, so you won’t be limited for combinations! This is a great gift for boyfriends and all the people who get the chance to play it. It’s guaranteed as a good night in with some friends or at a pre-drinks!

The benefits and beauty of this game is how simple it is and yet how funny it can be. We here at Give Him Gifts have not played a game that has produced as much hysterical laughter as this. The game can also be added to buy buying addition cards, so can be played over and over without becoming repetitive as some games do.

Despite this, without purchasing more cards after 4 or 5 separate games some of the comical elements become less effective and the games becomes limited. Cards Against Humanity is a great option as a gift for brothers and is sure to always provide a laugh for the players!

The price is quite high, especially when compared with other similar products, however here at Give Him Gifts we believe that there few games come close to providing the laughs that this game can. All in all a great product and an especially great gift for brothers.

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Best for strategy


Pandemic Game

Does your brother recon he’s a bit of a tactical genius? Finally put it to the test with this great board game! The aim of the game itself is to keep 4 deadly diseases at bay, while simultaneously trying to find their cures. This is a great gift for brothers who’ve got a real competitive side!

The board game show a stylized map of the world, on each turn a player can travel between the 4 main centers (cities) on the board, treat the infected inhabitants, discover a cure or build a research station.

The provided deck of cards allows players to carry out these actions but also ‘Epidemic’ cards which accelerate the diseases. Alongside this, a second deck controls the normal rate of spread. The idea is that each player takes a place in the team (with the other players). This is also a great gift for brothers as a team game!

The sturdy box includes; the game board, 2 decks of cards, 6 wooden markers, 6 research stations,96 disease cubes, 48 infection cards and 59 player cards, which allow you to play straight out of the box!

Pandemic allows 2-4 players to work as a team which is the beauty of it, whether it’s a lazy day with the family or a night in with friends this game is a lot of fun.

The game is both well designed and well made. It is versatile enough that it can be played many times without becoming repetitive or boring and no two games are the same!There are also only a few rules to remember, so Pandemic is extremely easy to play and can involve the whole family.

The game is an awesome option at gifts for brothers go, but the price is quite high especially for such a simple board game. Others have commented that, the production quality isn’t always brilliant and in this edition there has sometimes been spelling mistakes.Despite this, the game is still very playable and a gift for brothers that he’ll be sure to enjoy!

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Comedy Books

Does your brother think he’s a bit of a joker but actually isn’t funny at all? Well maybe it’s time you give him some inspiration with a comedy book! Comedy books are a great option as a gift for brothers and maybe he’ll come up with some new material! We here at Give Him Gifts have selected two great comedy books for you to choose from, so you can get the best gift for brothers!

Best for non-fiction comedy

Parsnips, Buttered: How to win at modern life, one email at a time

Parsnips Buttered

The standup comedian and in this case author Joe Lycett has become a household name in comedy with hilarious tales of the situations he gets himself into (and how he gets out of them!). The book is written in a relaxed and very readable fashion and you find yourself reading the text just as he would say it! There are also various diagrams and pictures which break up the text and give context to some of these sometimes unbelievable, cringe worthy stories.

This is a great gift for brothers, especially if you want him to be laughing out loud! He can be chuckling in the garden reading this on a summers day or be in fits by the fire on a winters evening. This is a real ‘feel good’ read!

Just the title of the book “Parsnips, Buttered: How to win at modern life, one email at a time” makes the reader smile, knowing what’s in store! And it doesn’t disappoint with constant laughs from front page to back cover this is a great escape from the stress and realities of modern life. An ideal gift for brothers with a stressful work life! The beauty of this book is that you can laugh at someone else’s misgivings without the consequences of it!

The book is very well presented and easy to dip in and out of over long periods.Some readers have commented that some of the materials is perhaps weaker than Lycetts usually witty and high level standard. This is not something that we discovered, however it all depends of your brothers taste as a reader.

All in all a hilarious and satirical look on life which provides a barrage of laughs to the reader. A really great gift for brothers of any age and taste- you just can’t help but laugh!

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Best for fictional comedy

The Hundred- Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

Novelty T-Shirt

Well as you’ll probably expect from the title this book is completely mad yet hilariously funny! Without giving it away the story is of an old man who makes an escape, and finds himself on a journey meeting with criminals, involved in murder, a suitcase full of cash and some incompetent police. The book reads well, especially considering it was not originally written in English and is actually a translation.

This is a great option as gifts for brothers and should keep him glued to the story! You can picture him chuckling to himself while on the train or raving about it to all his mates down the pub.

The book is excellent in the fact that it is in no way at all predictable and somehow manages to surprise you in hilarious ways at every turn in the story. It manages to take a satirical look at Swedish crime dramas and put a very lighthearted twist on some very serious events! This is a gift for brothers that’ll he be sure to enjoy and will no doubt be recommending it to all of his friends and colleagues. This is great for someone who needs to take a break from the daily stresses and have a good laugh!

Despite this, some readers have found the book almost too ridiculous in the story line and drop it before they become accustomed to the unique writing style of Jonas Jonasson.All in all ‘The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared’ is a really excellent comic book and a great gift for brothers. It’s guaranteed to provide a load of laughs and a really great entertaining read. We here at Give Him Gifts love this book!

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Novelty T-shirts

Novelty t-shirts can be incredibly funny, relatable and often turn into the most cherished presents. They’re great options as gifts for brothers, and finally you can show him what you think of him! We here at Give Him Gifts have selected two great novelty t-shirts which we know he’ll love. These selections will help you find the ideal gift for brothers!

Best for explicitness

W’Anker Funny Cotton T-shirt

Funny Cotton T-shirt

We know siblings don’t always see eye to eye, but at the end of the day you love them, right? Nothing says this better than this great play on words style t shirt! This is a gift for brothers that’ll be sure to put a big smile on his face, even if he doesn’t agree!The t shirt itself is produced from cotton and is a classic round neck, crew cut style. The clever phrase is securely printed onto the shirt and feels durable.

You can picture him proudly lounging around the house in it or possibly bolding wearing it out (although the later may not be advisable!). It’s an awesome gift for brothers and surely he won’t hold too much of a grudge against you for this present!

The t shirt is surprisingly high quality using Belcro yarn for an extra soft feel and is Oeko-tex approved (meaning it contains no harmful substances). The t shirt has proven durable and unlike some cheaper printed shirts, the lettering doesn’t peel at all and keeps that vital message! The shirt is clever and has all the elements of a novelty t-shirt being simple yet hilariously rude whilst being just about wearable in public!

It should be noted that the sizes do come up quite small when compared with the norm and so its probably worth ordering up a size. In any case you don’t want him having any excuse not to wear this great gift for brothers!

All in all a hilarious and awesome gift for brothers. He will surely appreciate this novelty t shirt which should put a smile on his face.

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Best for brothers with attitude

Sarcasm Now Loading Cotton T shirt

Sarcasm Cotton T-shirt

as your brother got a sarcastic side? Why don’t you shoe him just how annoying he can be with this awesome t shirt! As gifts for brothers go this is an excellent option which will be sure to make him chuckle (mainly because he knows it’s true!).The t shirt is manufactured from a soft and high grade cotton with is Oeko-tex approved (containing no harmful substances).

The design is simple playing on a computer loading screen and sarcasm as the loading bar, which in itself is quite sarcastic.

This is a gift he’ll love to wear whether as a pajama shirt or out on the streets! And if he’s bold enough, he’ll probably be quite proud of it too

Belcro yarn is the key to this t shirts softness and general durability. The crew cut style is relaxed and provides a good fit on most builds. The shirt is inventive, funny and very relatable which makes it an ideal gift for brothers. The simple white writing on the contrasting black of the t shirt really makes the message stand out, so nobody should miss it!

The quality has been said to not always be to the high standard claimed and in addition to this some users have reported that after excessive use, the printing of the writing can begin to peel and some of the stitching become frayed.

Despite these downsides, the product is good and for the very reasonable price, you cannot expect perfect quality. This is an absolutely ideal, must have gift for brothers, especially those on the more sarcastic side! We here at Give Him Gifts highly recommend this novelty t shirt which combines all the key elements of a great joke present.

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Is your brother really still wearing that tacky old hoodie from 2010? Hoodies can be awesome gifts for brothers, especially ones who need some styling up! We here at Give Him Gifts have selected two great hoodies, one of which we class as ‘Best for active wear’ and the alternative ‘Best for style’, which should help you to get the most suitable gift for brothers.

Best for active wear

Adidas Core 18 Hoodie

Adidas Hoodie

If your brother is a real fitness fanatic or perhaps just getting started, this offering from Adidas is a great idea. Adidas are a huge name in the fitness industry and often combine smart and new materials with great styles producing awesome active wear and this product is no different. The design itself is simple, with a tailored sports fit to the hoodie and typical stomach pocket. The branding is clear but not overly obvious, with a complete plain grey design featuring a small black Adidas badge on the chest.

cotton, polyester mix at 70:30 respectively. This makes for a warm yet breathable hoodie. As gifts for brothers go, this hoodie is an excellent option.Your brother will be wearing this to and from the gym or possibly out running as well as for casual occasions, which it can easily slot into.

The quality, as almost always with Adidas is absolutely excellent. The hoodie wears and washes well proving its great durability and long jevity. In addition to this the simple design looks smart and the close cut fit is tight in all the right places, meaning he can show off his figure even when keeping warm! The price is surprisingly low especially considering both the quality and brand power of Adidas, a great present that looks exclusive without breaking the bank! This gift is awesome as an option for gifts for brothers!

Given the snug fit, sometimes it can be worth going up at least one size, especially on a more muscular figure.

This Adidas Core 18 Hoodie is an excellent product that we at Give Him Gifts really like. Not only is it a great gift for brother but also a great present for anyone interested in fitness.

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Best for fashion

Ralph Lauren Polo Fleece Hoodie

Ralph Lauren Fleece Hoodie

With Ralph Lauren, you always know what you’re getting- great quality and premium designs. This hoodie is no exception, with a smart yet simple design and clear yet understated Ralph Lauren branding. The hoodie has been produced from 84% cotton combined with 16% polyester giving it a thick and warm feel to the product. This is an awesome gift for brothers to keep them really warm whilst looking great! If you get him this hoodie, he will probably never take it off!

He can wear it around the house or even to smart-casual events, where it looks at ease.

The hoodie is such high quality and the full frontal zip, means that he can be comfortable in warm conditions, leaving it opened or great wind resistance, having it done up. The deep blue base colour with the contrasting yellow branding and white hood toggles give the hoodie a smart, simple and fashionable aesthetic. The hoodie wears very well and washing proves not to effect the softness, in addition to this the resale value of all Ralph Lauren products is good. This is a gift for brothers they’ll be sure to love!

The price point is relatively high, but the general rule for Ralph Lauren is ‘you get what you pay for’ even if this is in part for the power of the brand.

There have been reports of some shrinking of the hoodie after the first wash, so it may be advisable to order you brother one size larger than he usually would wear.This hoodie is an awesome product and an ideal gift for brothers. It is smart, high quality and most importantly warm!

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Drink Glasses

Has your brother recently moved into a new flat/home or perhaps he’s still drinking his best whiskey from a pint glass? Glassware can be a great idea as a gift for brothers. There is obviously a huge range available and getting him something really useful can be quite tricky. We here at Give Him Gifts have selected two great products so that you can get the best gift for brothers.

Best for drinking

RCR Crystal Melodia Whiskey Glasses (230ml)- Set of six

Whiskey Glasses

If your brother is a whiskey fan, then he will seriously appreciate these exquisite tumblers. Produced in Tuscany for the past 30 years, these glasses are special enough for the most important occasions but equally durable enough for day to day use. The glasses are heavy based, meaning they’re difficult to topple at the crystal glass design is elegant and beautifully detailed. They have been ergonomically designed for a ease of drinking, holding and provide a good atmosphere for the whiskey to breathe- achieving the best flavour.

He will be able to enjoy these glasses when having a quiet drink alone or make use of the whole set of six when celebrating with friends. As gifts for brothers go, these appear both exclusive and expensive.

The quality of the crystal glass is excellent and the weight of the glass feels premium in the hand. The elegant glass patina gives a great aesthetic to the glasses and a the deep, rich brown of a single malt is nicely contrasted by this. The heavy weighted bottom to these tumblers make them difficult to spill, meaning you’ll be able to retain all 6 and hopefully won’t waste any precious whiskey! Alongside all this quality, the price is very reasonable and especially given 6 are included, makes for a very low price per unit. The high quality glass, if carefully washed will remain unblemished for many years to come!

Some users have commented that despite the ‘heavy base’ the overall weight of the glass is too light to be an ideal whiskey tumbler. This said, in our opinion, the balance remains good which is also a key attribute.

There is no doubt that these tumblers are a great gift for brothers, which will be appreciated for many years in the future due to their enduring quality. We here at Give Him Gifts really like these glasses and highly recommend them.

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Best for serving

LSA International Whiskey Arran Decanter with Walnut Base (1 Litre)

Whiskey Decanter

Whether it’s to pour a good red wine at a dinner party or the perfect holder for some vintage whiskey on your sideboard, decanters are the essential accessory for any host. These whiskey decanters make for excellent gifts for brothers as it’s unlikely he has one and it’ll revolutionise how he drinks whiskey. The decanter itself is beautifully crafted from high quality glass and features an easy on the eye symmetrically swept curve design.This is finished with a gorgeous and heavy rounded glass stopped, and set into a rectangular walnut base.

The glass has been handmade with the glass mouth blown using traditional techniques. The Arran Decanter is complete with a set of specific cleaning instructions to ensure it remains in tip top condition for many years.

The LSA International Whiskey Arran Decanter is perfect for regular use, for example at dinner parties with friends or as the centre piece of any dinning table or sideboard.The decanter is beautifully made and without function, through form alone serves a purpose as a sculpture. In terms of function, the decanter works well and pours easily mainly due to the shape of the neck.

The stopper sits nicely and provides a brilliant friction barrier between the decanter and the outside air, meaning none of that precious whiskey is lost! A fantastic product and a great handmade gift for brothers!

The price of the unit seems high at first, but once you use the product it is completely justified in our opinion. The presentation box is smart and presents the gift for brothers well, so much so it doesn’t really need wrapping!

All in all an awesome decanter that is superb in both function and looks. A great handmade product that’ll make an even greater gift for brothers. Cannot recommend it highly enough!

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Does your brother always get a chilly head or perhaps always burns his neck on holiday? Hats are a great idea as gifts for brothers and a pretty safe bet too! They are so many brands a styles on the market so choosing something that’s perfect is very difficult. We here at Give Him Gifts have selected two great choices of hat which will make sure you get a great gift for brothers!

Best for country living

Derby Tweed Flat Cap Teflon Coated Hat

Tweed Flat Cap Teflon Hat

Seeing a flat cap may bring to mind images of old people or farmers. Despite this over the past few years the wider population have become fond on the humble flat cap and have become one of the go to choices for hats in the fashion world. This derby style tweed flat cap retains the classic shape with a considerably more modern tweed pattern. It is manufactured from a high quality tweed fabric and wool mix, which provides a warm and comfortable feel.

The inner of the cap is double lined for water protection and heat insulation which is another testament to the quality of build. The tweed fabric is a light green, dark green and a sandy shade which gives for a smart and understated appearance. This flat cap is a must have accessory as a gift for brothers and will suit a wide range of wardrobes and styles.

He will look great wearing this cap from a winters dog walk to a day out at the rugby, this will keep him warm and looking stylish! As gifts for brothers go, this is one which will keep on giving!

The cap is a very comfortable fit and doesn’t itch or irritate the scalp as poorer quality alternatives often do. The tweed flat cap is also water resistant so hopefully he should keep his hair dry and materials are breathable so no damp or sweaty hat hair! There are a good range of sizes, so you can get a good fit (although you may have to measure his head!) and the price is reasonable for the quality of the product that you will receive.

Some users have noted that the sizes do come up small, therefore it may be worth being generous with the size when purchasing this! We here at Give Him Gifts think this product is a great option as a gift for brothers, especially if you’re a little short on money!

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Best for sun protection

Ralph Lauren Classic Sport’s Cap

Ralph Lauren Classic Sports Cap

The classic sports cap has been a go to fashion accessory for the past decade, whether wearing it to the beach for some sun protection or ‘snapped back’ as a fashion statement, these hats are extremely versatile and a great gift for brothers. The hat is produced from 100% cotton, finished in black with a yellow Ralph Lauren insignia on the front, this cap has a refreshingly simple design. The rear has an adjustable clasp meaning it can fit most head sizes!

Your brother will look ice cool sporting this on the beach or a wannabe style guru when matching this with a stylish outfit in town. This is a gift for brothers that they’ll certainly be pleased with and will try and get away with wearing it all the time!

As always is the case with Ralph Lauren the quality of the materials and manufacture is excellent and the simple design accompanies the classic style perfectly. The colour combination of black and yellow detailing is timeless and the resale, as with all Ralph Lauren products, is excellent. The price point is surprisingly good, and it must be conceded that much of the price is for the brand itself which has become synonymous with high end style and luxury.

The cap is more premium than a standard sports cap, featuring a leather adjustable buckle at the rear and ‘POLO’ sown into the back panel. The cap is also complete with vents which ensure good thermal comfort for the user’s head, particularly important in warm conditions.All in all a great sports cap from a well-known fashion brand and an equally great idea as a gift for brothers. We here at Give Him Gifts highly recommend you check this product out!

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Struggling to find gifts for brothers? We know you’ll want to get him something he really appreciates and look no further than these two great offerings of Tequila. We here at Give Him Gifts have selected two very different types of Tequila, one which we class as ‘Best for purity’ and the alternative ‘Best for value’. This should help you get the best gift for brothers, whatever they like!

Best for purity

Patron Silver Tequila, 70 cl

Patron Silver Tequila

Patron Silver Tequila professes to be one of the most traditional producers of the famous spirit. Produced from the finest weber blue agave and handmade in small batches the flavor is true to the traditional recopies. The taste is smooth, easy to drink and has a distinct sweetness to it combined with aromas of citrus fruits this is considered ‘the gold standard’ for tequila. The presentation is simple with a semi-circular glass bottle and traditional cork stopper, finished with a green bow.

This makes for a truly excellent gift for boyfriends!He can enjoy this with a mixer on a quiet evening, in a cocktail whilst on holiday or straight as a celebration shot (if he can handle it!).

The beauty of Patron Silver Tequila is the purity and freshness of the flavour. Unlike cheaper tequila it doesn’t leave a chemical after taste, making it easier to drink alone. The presentation is smart and simple, much like the taste itself and makes for an excellent gift for brothers. This tequila is also a great talking point, especially if you let him know the unique story behind the great drink!

It should be noted that the price is quite high, especially considering the volume is 70 cl, so this should probably be drunk slowly and appreciated rather than casually with a strong flavoured mixer. Some purchasers have also mentioned that the presentation boxing has occasionally been dented/damaged in transit so would probably be worth wrapping yourself.

Other than these points, an excellent product and gift for brothers. This will be sure to go down well when its received and eventually drunk! We here at Give Him Gifts are huge fans of Patron Silver Tequila and highly recommend that you take a serious look!

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Best for value

Tapatio Blanco Tequila

Tapatio Blanco Tequila

The origins of this particular tequila go back to the 1930’s and the home of this spirit, Mexico (so pretty well established!). Juliasco, from where it originates is known as ‘the producer of the best blue algave’, the key ingredient of this excellent drink. The aroma is a distinct mix of spices from clove to cinnamon and the flavour is peppery, with a lasting sweetness and a long, spicy after taste. This is an excellent gift for brothers and one we’re sure he’ll enjoy!

The presentation is smart with a simple glass spirit bottle and red top, not exactly premium but passable. He could enjoy this great drink casually or in a cocktail with friends, which is the beauty of cheaper spirits (the fact they don’t need to be saved for ‘best’).

The main benefit of Tapatio Blanco Tequila is the fact that it provides a great flavour, produced traditionally without the ‘frills’ of a more expensive alternative. This is a great budget gift for brothers! The tequila is very drinkable straight, a difficult quality to achieve and it is a great ingredient for many cocktails.

On the slight downside, the presentation does resemble cheaper spirits, available at your local corner shop, so it may require some inventive wrapping to ‘jazz it up’ and make it look more exclusive before you give this gift for brothers.

Alongside this, it lacks a presentation box, which would again give it a higher end feel!Overall this Tapatio Blanco Tequila is a great spirit, traditionally produced from its country of origin. The price is great, however the presentation does let it down a little as a gift. We do however highly recommend you check it out as a gift for brothers, and possibly get inventive with your gift wrapping!

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