Getting the ideal gift for boyfriends can be tricky because you desperately want to impress him but don’t want to be seen to be trying too hard.

At GiveHimGifts we’ll save you this embarrassment and ensure that you judge it just right. We’ve selected a wide range of unique gifts for boyfriends - from thoughtful to funny so you can pick the perfect one to suit him.

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Getting a gift for boyfriends that they’ll truly love is a difficult skill. With grooming and the male appearance becoming increasingly important, aftershaves are a great option when looking for gifts for boyfriends. Smelling great has become just as important as looking it and on the plus side, you’ll no longer have to put up with his natural ‘musk’! We here at Give Him Gifts have selected two great aftershaves, both with different qualities to help you get the perfect one.

Best for special occasions

Hermes Terre D’Hermes Eau de Parfum pure perfume

Hermes Terre D'Hermes Eau de Parfum pure perfume

Well established design house Hermes offers this truly unique aftershave. Bottled in a premium glass bottle, with spray nozzle top the presentation feels exclusive and a gift for boyfriends that will really count. The fragrance is natural and with a slightly woody scent. The aftershave has an ‘expensive’ smell and could be used in a whole host of occasions. Being an Eau de Parfum, the fragrance contains 8-14% perfume oil, a higher percentage than an Eau de Toilette.

This therefore means it can be used more sparingly and will last considerably longer, making it a gift for boyfriends that will have longevity. Being an Eau de Parfum, the fragrance contains 8-14% perfume oil, a higher percentage than an Eau de Toilette. This therefore means it can be used more sparingly and will last considerably longer, making it a gift for boyfriends that will have longevity. From the day to day work fragrance to the ‘special stuff’ reserved for formal occasions, Hermes Terre D’Hermes is a great gift for boyfriends.The fragrance is well balanced, slightly fruity and fresh, whilst having the quality of lightness which so many lower quality aftershaves lack. On opening, the product feels premium with the nose and brand influence to back this up. Alongside this, as an Eau de Parfum only a small amount needs to be worn with a sustained smell, great as a gift for boyfriends who have a long day in a warm suit!

As with premium brands, the price is relatively high but what must be kept in mind is the fact the product is an Eau de Parfum with higher concentration than alternative Eau de toilettes which is perhaps reflected in the retail price. As gifts for boyfriends go this offering from Hermes is a very safe bet. A strong enough yet not offensive fragrance which is versatile and light. We here at Give Him Gifts highly recommend this fragrance to as a great gift for boyfriends.

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Best for value

Diesel Only The Brave Eau de Toilette Spray

Diesel Only The Brave eEau de Toilette Spray

Diesel are a well-established designer brand, famed for their unique and sometimes bohemian styles. The box is well presented and the bottle is an awesome closed fist design which will be a great gift for boyfriends that like authentic designs. The fragrance itself provides a complex a contrasting aroma, whilst being fresh it is masculine and whilst being woody it has a distinct sweetness.

This product is a great day to day fragrance especially given the reasonable price point, alongside this it could be worn in a more formal setting if required. This is a great versatile gift for boyfriends as fragrances go.

So, the good bits. Well this fragrance by diesel is long lasting throughout the day and the presentation, especially important when given as a gift, is excellent and unique. This great combination makes for a great gift for boyfriends. Diesel also have a prestigious track records when it comes to fragrance and when ask your partner can proudly state that its Diesel!

On the downside Diesel Only The Brave is a ‘Eau de toilette’ this therefore means it is a considerably lower concentration than an alternative ‘Eau de parfum’ which means it’ll need to be used more liberally by your partner. This has however been reflected in the pricing which is remarkably low given the brand power and quality of the aftershave.All in all as gifts for boyfriends go this is a very viable option, especially if you’re not looking to spend too much. We think this product is excellent and well worth the expense, especially given how well received it will be by your partner!

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TV Sticks

Does your boyfriend love watching the latest TV and movies? A great, low cost way to get all the action is with a TV stick. They’re awesome gifts for boyfriends and something you can enjoy together, spending some quality time on the sofa! There’s a huge selection on the market, so we here at Give Him Gifts have identified two of the best on the market so you can get the best of these ideal gifts for boyfriends.

Best for selection

The Amazon Fire 4k Ultra-HD TV stick

The Amazon Fire 4k Ultra-HD TV Stick

This offering is the latest in a series over the past few years from Amazon. It takes many features from older model and combines them with some new ones, such as the ability to stream 4K Ultra HD, the capability to link and be controlled by Alexa through the Amazon echo and a wider selection of entertainment. This is a great gift for boyfriends who identify as ‘TV buffs’.

Previous models had a whole hose of incredibly good reviews and previous updates have been well received. The new model is no exception and the additional features fulfil a lot of what users have been asking for. The Fire TV stick makes an ideal gift for boyfriends as it can be enjoyed at his place or yours, on holiday or anywhere you wish! 200,000 movies and TV episodes at the press of a button are the beauty of this TV stick!

The Amazon Fire is easy to install and is far easier to operate than most smart TV platforms which offer similar services. This usability is further enhanced by the capability to use the awesome Alexa and Amazon echo alongside the stick itself. With an all new lightning fast processor, the Fire TV stick doesn’t lag, even when streaming. The price is very reasonable, especially when compared to other streaming devices and the selection of media which is available. This is a gift for boyfriends that we know they’ll love.

Some people have experienced problems getting the full capability from the stick. Despite having the ability to be extremely fast, the WIFI connection must be strong and fast enough to provide this. If your WIFI is on the weaker side then you will struggle to get the most from the device.

In general, a great product with some fantastic features which will surely be appreciated as a gift for boyfriends.

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Best for usability

The Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K

Apple, much like amazon have been in the media streaming market since the early days. With this model they build on the success of earlier models with the addition of some brand new features. Boasting new 4K abilities combined with Siri remote capability, this device is at the forefront of TV stick technology and a great gift for boyfriends.

You can picture your partner quickly changing between his favourite TV show on Netflix to the new release film you’ve been waiting to see together! And that’s not all it can do, pictures can now be transferred between devices and show in stunning quality on your TV.The media device is up there with the best and shares many similarities with the Amazon alternative. The user interface is simple, especially if your partner is used to the apple range (the macbooks, ipads or iphones etc ) which means getting to grips with the device is very quick and simple. There are also a great range of apps and games, a great gift for boyfriends to bring out his competitive side!

Despite the range being large, it arguably cannot compete with Amazon’s vast array (including Amazon Prime video). It is also slightly more challenging to set up and enters the market at a considerably higher price than alternatives.

There is no doubt that the Apple TV 4K is a great gift for boyfriends that are familiar with the apple interface and enjoys their variety of applications. We here at Give Him Gifts recognize what a great product this is, building on previous generations of success and would therefore seriously recommend this as a gift for boyfriends.

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Struggling to find gifts for boyfriends? We know you’ll want to get him something he really appreciates and look no further than these two great offerings of Vodka. We here at Give Him Gifts have selected two very different types of Vodka, one which we class as ‘Best for purity’ and the alternative ‘Best for something a bit different’. This should help you get the best gift for boyfriends, whatever they like!

Best for purity

Grey Goose French Vodka

Grey Goose French Vodka

Grey Goose have become synonymous with great vodka, and clearly have parted themselves from the cheap stuff you get down the corner shop! They produce the vodka traditionally, using some of the finest ingredients to achieve a smooth and pure vodka with after flavours of lemon and lime.

The presentation of the Grey Goose French Vodka is as excellent as the flavour. A premium box with a frosted glass bottle makes this vodka a great gift for boyfriends. The vodka is easy to drink straight, something which many other alternatives lack. Alongside this, it has the ability to be well accompanied by lemonade or cola so can be enjoyed at most occasions. The vodka has also proved popular with unseasoned drinkers who all note how the Grey Goose Vodka is much softer on the palate than what they’ve previously been exposed to. So even if he’s not usually a vodka drinker, this could be a great gift for boyfriends looking to expand their selection of poisons!

The main downside to this product is the price. Alternatives are available at cheaper price points and it has to be asked “Will he notice a difference if it’s being drunk with a mixer?”, something which will be an important factor in making your decision.

In our opinion, here at Give Him Gifts we recon this is one of the best ‘accessible’ vodkas. As a gift for boyfriends, the Grey Goose French Vodka is an excellent option, particularly if you’re not too scared of splashing some cash!

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Best for something a bit different

Chase Potato Vodka

Chase Potato Vodka

Chase have brought something almost unique to the market with this particular offering. They have produced a Vodka unconventionally made from the key ingredient of potatoes. This is a great alternative gift for boyfriends, and more than anything is a great talking point!

The vodka itself is marketed as proudly British which is reflected is the smart presentation of a clear glass bottle complete with a Union flag bow at the neck, a perfect gift for boyfriends with a taste for homegrown produce! Chase themselves recommend the vodka is enjoyed with Dry Vermouth which does prove to be an excellent combination. Saying that, it is easily drinkable straight (alone) which gives a smooth and more natural feel thanks to its alternative ingredients.

You can easily imagine of a summers evening, him enjoying this with a mixer or on a cold winters day with a simple ice cube.The Vodka is smooth and easy to drink, a difficult quality to find in British vodka and making it an excellent gift for boyfriends, even ones with a gentler palate!

On the slight downside, the vodka is relatively expensive however with the uniqueness and smaller scale of Chase this is not at all surprising. Alongside this, the flavour is not conventional and can be considered slightly tart. However, this can be overcome with a well-chosen mixer!

All in all, we here at Give Him Gifts are huge fans of this offering from Chase. Unlike many ‘experimental’ products, the flavour is very palatable ad it is a viable alternative to conventionally produced vodka! As gifts for boyfriends go Chase Potato Vodka is both a great talking point and an awesome drink!

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Books can be fantastic options as gifts for boyfriends but choosing a fiction read is very tricky! Instead biographies are a great idea, allowing you to select a topic which you know he will definitely like! We here at Give Him Gifts have selected two excellent biographies which will find you him, the perfect gift for boyfriends.

Best for Sport

Always Managing: My Autobiography Harry Redknapp

Always Managing: My Autobiography Harry Redknapp

Harry Redknapp has become a household name in the world of football. From his success on the pitch in his early life to his highly prestigious managerial career, Redknapp is an inspirational figure in the field of sport. As gifts for boyfriends go, if he’s keen on sport or in particular football this is a great idea. The book is filled with hilarious and sometimes deeply emotional anecdotes and experiences throughout his vast and expansive career. Your partner will be engrossed in this read whilst on the beach or unable to put it down while catching some rays in the garden!

The autobiography is engrossing and gives genuine insights into the ‘man himself’ from his roots in the East End to his waterside property on the South coast. The autobiography is the perfect balance between a timeline of Redknapps career, hilarious stories and the context of some great photos. This is an awesome gift for boyfriends, even ones who aren’t too keen on reading as the autobiography is so readable. The pricing is good and the book follows on from the success of others based around Harry Redkanapp’s life, which if ‘Always managing’ is enjoyed by your partner would be awesome as future presents.

On the downside, some have commented that the book is possibly slightly ‘egotistical’ and that much of the content is not desperately unique but recycled material already published in the mainstream media. Saying this, given the sheer entertainment factor this is an excellent gift for boyfriends.

We here at Give Him Gifts think that Always Managing : My Autobiography (Harry Redknapp) is as excellently entertaining casual read and that it will be enjoyed as a gift for boyfriends of all interests.

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Best for the car enthusiast

How to Build a Car: The Autobiography of the World’s Greatest Formula 1 Designer.

How to Build A Car: The Autobiography of the world's greatest formula 1 designer

Adrian Newey OBE is without question one of the greatest automotive engineers, if not one of the best British engineers of our time. His influence in Formula 1 racing has been far reaching. He is a truly inspiring figure and this would be an ideal gift for boyfriends interested in engineering, design or motorsports. This book manages to combine the aspects of a classic autobiography with a ‘how to’ textbook style element to it, making it truly unique and extremely readable. It details how from a young age Newey was interested in design and how this interest evolved and developed into his distinguished career.

As gifts for boyfriends go this is up there with the ultimate ‘man gifts’ of the past few years! The awesome illustrations bring this autobiography to life and you do truly feel that by the end you could in fact have a go at building a car (even if it isn’t quite F1 standard!).The writing style has a likeable quality of being both honest and modest, qualities that are said to be synonymous with Newey, the author. The book is also price very reasonably, especially considering it is hardback and extremely highly praised.

Despite this, occasionally readers have commented that the writing goes into too much technical detail and for the slightly more relaxed reader this can become tiresome. This is in no doubt a great gift for boyfriends with a specific interest in the motorsport or engineering field and will be thoroughly enjoyed. For the general enthusiast in autobiographies its best to be cautious with this one!We here at Give Him Gifts do highly recommend you check out this autobiography as a gift for boyfriends!

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Is your boyfriend really still wearing that tatty old coat? Get a gift for boyfriends that’ll not only warm their heart with your kindness but also his body! We here at Give Him Gifts know that not all boyfriends are the same and that’s why we’ve selected two very different styles, one of which we class as ‘Best for warmth’ and the other ‘Best for style”, which will help you establish the best gift for boyfriends to keep them warm and dry this year!

Best for warmth

The Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody

Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody

Patagonia are an extremely well regarded brand in the outdoor clothing/adventure industry and have become increasingly popular as a fashion label. They produce high quality goods, manufactured from excellent materials to extremely clever engineered designs.

The Down Sweater Hoody has been in development for the past 10 years in order to create the perfect balance between warmth, weight and style. This is a must have gift for boyfriends that enjoy products of the highest quality and/or have an interest in fashion. The jacket is ideal for day to day wear throughout the year, with the ability to provide wind resistance without excessive warmth (perhaps for a late spring day) and at the same time provide great insulation on the coldest days (perhaps for a snowy January walk). Given its equipped with a hood, it’s also a great alternative to wearing a hoodie. This is a gift for boyfriends that he won’t stop wearing!

The Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody is by the brands nature, very durable and the waterproofing ability is remarkably long lasting. Combined with this, the design is stylish and suits many body types. This is a gift for boyfriends that’ll even suit him if he’s on the chunkier side! The filling of the jacket (creating lightness and warmth) is sustainably and traceably sourced 800 filler down, which means you don’t have to fret over how the jacket is so warm!

The price point is high when compared with similar style jackets. It is also at the price of alternatives such as The North Face which makes the decision more challenging. What you must ask is as a gift for boyfriends, will he appreciate brand over function or function over brand?

There is no doubt this is a great option as gift for boyfriends. The jacket combines style and function with a great brand power behind it!

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Best for style

Levi’s Type 3 Trucker Jacket

Levi's Type 3 Trucker Jacket

Levi’s have been producing the Trucker jacket for many years and it has become iconic in the fashion world. The Trucker Jacket is a composite style jacket, with denim outer and faux wool inner lining and collar. The jacket is extremely popular, providing style and warmth and equipped with the synonymous red Levi’s label.

This is a great day for day wear as a gift for boyfriends, but could equally also be worn in a more formal setting. The style wears well with blue or black jeans, as the denim is broken up with the white of the fur (not quite so obvious double denim!).

As always with Levi’s the product is extremely well manufactured and the quality is high. The denim is durable and supple and the lining has great warmth and feels like the ‘real deal’! The button up fastening allows the jacket to be worn open, perhaps in warmer weather or closed in colder times which is the beauty of this jacket.

On the downside as it is denim, the jacket fairs rather poorly in wet conditions- becoming saturated and heavy. In addition to this it lacks a hood, clearly favouring form over function. The price is also on the high side, with alternatives from brands such as Lee Cooper, Topman and Hollister retailing at a much lower point. As gifts for boyfriends go this is probably on the more exclusive side!

We here at Give Him Gifts really like the Levi’s Type 3 Trucker Jacket. It has all the elements of a great casual jacket with all the heritage behind it. Whether he’s going for a classic look or a modern take, this jacket slots in perfectly. We highly recommend this as a gift for boyfriends.

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Is he still walking round in those holy boxers he’s had for the past 10 years? Getting a gift for boyfriends of underwear can be really appreciated and useful! We here at Give Him Gifts know you want to get him something more special than the multi-buy primark pack! This is why we’ve selected two great options, one of which we class as ‘Best for briefs’ and the alternative ‘best for shorts’ so you can get a great gift for boyfriends.

Best for boxers

Calvin Klein Black Cotton Stretch Trunks

Calvin Klein Black Cotton Stretch Trunks

Calvin Klein are the go to name in the world of underwear and have been now for many decades. This offering of boxer trunks are produced from high grade cotton and are cleverly designed with comfort in mind. They have a ‘body defining fit’ combined with a contour pouch, these are a gift for boyfriends that’ll not only look great, but feel it too!The trunks have an excellent aesthetic and the clear ‘Calvin Klein’ branding on the elasticated waistband makes for a great pair of underwear!

These are ideal for day to day wear, especially if your partner works long hours. Equally they can be saved for special occasions for example especially for gym use when the boxers will be put to the test! As gifts for boyfriends go, these are a very safe bet!Combining a fantastically simple design, high quality materials, excellent manufacture and a leading brand, the result of these trunks is absolutely excellent.

Given this quality, the Calvin Klein Stretch Trunks are reasonably priced in a set of three and you really do get what you’re paying for.Some problems have related to the sizing of the underwear. Quite often they have come up larger than expected so it may be worth looking at purchasing a size down for your partner. Alongside this, sometimes the trunks have washed poorly and the stitching has become frayed in places. The fact they have not been directly sold by the manufacturer means that in addition to this the usual warranty is not valid.

Despite these facts, there is no doubt that these Calvin Klein Trunks are a great option as a gift for boyfriends. Generally, with the brand, you know that quality will be assured and this product is no different.

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Best for briefs

Emporio Armani briefs

Emporio Armani Briefs

Armani as a brand are one of the most well-known brands in the exclusive fashion world. They have produced great designs, with awesome materials becoming very quickly popular.This offering is the classic brief, which entails a elasticated waistband and pouch. As a type of underwear, briefs are an excellent alternative to the classic boxer short.The briefs are produced from an extra soft cotton (for comfort) and exclusive lined pouch, providing constant comfort!

These are a great gift for boyfriends that are into keeping fit and chaffing is much rarer than with boxers. These could quickly become his favourite pair, from wearing them to the gym to sporting them when at work mainly because of how comfortable they are!The rich ingredients and clear printing of ‘Emporio Armani’ on the waistband show the quality of this product. The softness doesn’t appear to easily wash out meaning he should be able to enjoy the comfort of these briefs for many years. Whilst the cotton is soft, it is also very durable and these pants are unlikely to become holy! An ideal gift for boyfriends who have an active and fast lifestyle!

As Armani is a prestigious brand, this is reflected in the price. Despite it being quite high per unit, I believe that the ‘buy once, by well’ policy should be taken with these. Briefs can also be a bit tricky to get used to, especially if they are not his go to style but do become easier to wear overtime. Some users have commented that for a normal body shape it is best to buy up as size as they as many Italian brands, do come up small.

All in all, we here at Give Him Gifts are very fond of the Emporio Armani briefs which we think are a great mix of quality, cut and style. They make great gifts for boyfriends and really show how much you appreciate him!

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Smart Casual Shirts

In the words of the 1980’s pop song “I just can’t get enough” and this is the case for mens smart casual shirts. Whether he’s adding to an existing collection or looking for his first smart casual shirt, they really are a great gift for boyfriends. We here at Give Him Gifts have selected two awesome shirts so you can get the perfect gift for boyfriends!

Best for classic style

Ralph Lauren Button Down Tessuto

Ralph Lauren Button Down Tessuto

Ralph Lauren for many years now have been the must have brand for smart casual clothing, from jumpers to chinos. The unmistakable Polo player embroidery has become the mark of quality and success. This offering from the brand has all the marks of a great Ralph Lauren product. It combines high grade cotton, a great tailored fit and the clear brand insignia on the breast making it a great option as gifts for boyfriends go.

The design in a classic blue/white vertical stripped pattern complete with an Oxford cut and button down collar.This shirt would be ideal for parties, nights out with friends or meals with your parents and whatever he accompanies it with, whether it be faun chinos or classic blue jeans he is sure to look the business. The quality of this product can be felt as soon as it is picked up. The cotton is thick and soft, the stitching excellent and the fit is ‘kind’ to all body shapes (so this can be an awesome gift for boyfriends in shape or very much out of it!). The rarer coloured branding and button down collar feature make this shirt even more desirable.

There are of course many brands offering smart casual shirt in similar designs at lower prices. That said with Ralph Lauren you do pay for what you get in terms of quality, durability and excellent resale value. It should also be noted that as a brand Ralph Lauren sizes come up larger than expected, so maybe worth ordering him the size down. And who knows this maybe a compliment and a great gift for boyfriends.

Here at Give Him Gifts we believe that this gift is excellent and a real winner for smart casual shirts. We highly recommend you check it out as a gift for boyfriends!

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Best for modern design

Levi’s Barstow Western Casual Shirt

Levi's Barstow Western Casual Jacket

Levi’s are an excellent example of a brand that have stayed true to their classic roots while providing awesome and sometimes unique contemporary designs. The Barstow Western shirt is no exception, with a denim appearance harking back to Levi’s staple with a modern cut complete with western yoke details, chest pockets and a snap front closure. The shirt is an awesome gift for boyfriends with a more alternative style!

Saying that it can easily by its nature be worn at formal occasions such as a drinks party or perhaps casually around town with a t shirt underneath. The shirt is clearly well manufactured and features the widely recognized red Levis tag on the button line.

The material (cotton based) is clearly of high quality and has a durable element perhaps from the denim. The shirt cut is a classic slim fit and fits well built boyfriends very snuggly, without pulling or in fact tearing. The detailing of white pearl like buttons brings the shirt to life and makes it look unique compared with many alternative off the peg casual shirts. This smart casual shirt is an excellent option as a gift for boyfriends of all tastes and style.

Some purchasers have commented that sizing can be an issue. The shirt has been designed with slimmer frames in mind, so if your boyfriend is on the larger side then it is worth going up a size in this shirt. The price is up there with brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren, both of whom largely stick to classic designs, however is something to carefully consider.

Overall we think this offering for Levi’s has an awesome uniqueness to its design and is a very sturdily made smart casual shirt. All in all a good option as a gift for boyfriends.

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Gym Bags

Is your boyfriends a real gym monkey or perhaps trying to get into shape? Gym bags are a great way to not only transport all his essential stuff but also look great and can be versatile. They’re an awesome option as gifts for boyfriends go! There a whole host on the market and making a decision can be really tricky! That’s why we here at Give Him Gifts have selected 2 great bags so you can get the best gift for boyfriends!

Best for style

Fred Perry Classic Barrel Bag

Fred Perry Classic Barrel Bag

Fred Perry don’t only make great polo shirts as is the great misconception! They have origins is sport and continue to make awesome classic designs. This particular offering is no exception, with a classic black and cream colour combination and retro design. Despite being manufactured from faux leather, the quality is excellent and the bag boasts many features such as double zip closure, an outer slip pocket, inner zip pocket and large zipped compartment.

The branding is also clear with ‘Fred Perry’ smartly debussed on the size of the bag. This bag is also great due to its versatility. It can be used as stated as an ideal gym bag, however would also work nicely as a ‘weekend bag’ for short trips or on the commute. He’ll look both smart and be well prepared with this gift for boyfriends! The bag feels great, high quality yet surprisingly light weight which is great for transport- especially after a big shift in the gym! The colour combination and classic timeless design also make this bag a must have fashion accessory which your boyfriend will be proud to carry around with him! The storage space is remarkably large and the load area durable meaning almost anything can be packed in without problems.

On the downside the bag is rather costly and due to the materials used if left, dirty or sweaty clothes can become extremely unpleasant and the bag is said to smell for some time.To put it bluntly, he Fred Perry Classic Barrel bag is a great gift for boyfriends. Being versatile, stylish and with great storage, its far superior a lot of its competitors!

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Best for comfort

Under Armour Traditional Backpack

Under Armour Traditional Backpack

In many ways Under Armour are market leaders in advanced sports technology, introducing radical designs to trainers, gym vests and in this case backpacks. The bag itself looks like a traditional backpack, however it is packed with smart features and cleverly engineered solutions! These features include water resistance, an abrasion resistant base, a protected valuables pocket and ergonomically designed adjustable straps.

The backpack is an ideal gym bag as it is so comfortable to carry durable and could be used for a whole host of activities besides being a conventional gym bag. This is great as gift for boyfriends, even if the gym isn’t his primary interest.

The bag is well made and the choice of materials have clearly been carefully considered to get the most out of the backpack itself. This is ideal as a gift for boyfriends who tend to be less careful! A key function of a gym bag is the ease to carry it and this bag is extremely comfortable with the back and straps both being breathable, meaning sweating isn’t an issue!

The bag is also quite reasonably priced, especially considering it not only needs to be used as a gym bag. The classic style and simple exterior with the under armour insignia clearly displayed make this backpack stylish, branded yet refreshingly simple- an ideal gift for boyfriends who are more concerned with function than form.

There have been reports of after the bag being machine washed (which is recommended) some of the printed badging peeling off, which is obviously a slight downside but has however not occurred on all backpacks which have been washed.This is a great gym bag, which is very comfortable and equally durable. Overall an awesome product and a great gift for boyfriends.

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What better way to show your boyfriend how much he means that styling him up with some new footwear? An ideal gift for the slightly less fashion savvy boyfriends, so you don’t find him walking around town in those terrible tatty trainers! We here at Give Him Gifts have specifically selected 2 varieties of footwear so you’re able to get a gift for boyfriends that’ll surely go the extra miles (pardon the pun!)

Best for sliders

Adidas Duramo Slide

Adidas Duramo Slide

The market for sliders has become huge over the past 3 years, expanding from a swimmers necessity to a must have fashion accessory. Many brands offer a range of sliders from staple sports names such as Adidas and Nike to the fashion giants such as Gucci.

These sliders produced by Adidas are a simple design, featuring the iconic 3 stripes in a blue and white colour combination. They as many others have been produced from synthetic gum rubber which is durable yet provides give and support to the foot. The sole is surprisingly grippe and the ergonomic curve of the inner sole has been designed with comfort in mind. The Adidas are a contender as a gift for boyfriends with these sleek sliders! He can be chilling by the pool in these while on holiday or heading to the gym, they’re so versatile and that us the beauty of them.

The design is brilliantly simple while making it clear that they’re made by Adidas, a difficult thing to achieve with sliders. The ergonomic sole provides great arch support and your foot feels fully supported, even when walking in these for long periods. Alongside this the grippe sole allows these to be worn in all conditions, from wet grass to dry sand! The blue and white colour combination looks great with white socks or bear footed and the shade of blue means they don’t look tired or worn even after a lot of use. This goes hand in hand with the durable synthetic rubber gum base which itself wears very well.

The price point is in line with many other comparable sliders but it should be noted that these do come up small. To get the great gift for boyfriends, we recommend going a size larger than what he would usually wear.

Overall a great product and even greater as a gift for boyfriends. We highly recommend these Adidas sliders.

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Best for casual trainers

Adidas Gazelle OG Trainers

Adidas Gazelle OG Trainers

Here we have another, very different offering from Adidas. Adidas have been producing trainers for many decades now and this particular model, the Gazelle, has been around for since the 1960’s when it was introduced as a training shoe for athletes.

The model has retained much of its original design and this offering is finished in blue suede upper, white leather striper and a white rubber sole. The ‘Gazelle’ is detailed in gold at the opening of the shoe.

This is a great gift for boyfriends, as it can be worn in a whole host of situations. Its great with jeans in a casual setting, with shorts on holiday or as a flat squatting shoe in the gym.As the trainer was designed with athletes in mind, it was designed for performance and comfort. This was achieved through the streamlined profile and excellently cushioned sole, which combine to create a great looking but also great feeling piece of footwear. The sole is very durable and wears very well, much like the whole trainer itself which has a great lifetime. This is also a great gift for boyfriends if you’re not necessarily flush with cash and appears like a big ticket item to your partner!

On the slight downside, it must be remembered that suede is very easy to mark, especially from water and or grease. Your partner should perhaps be weary of where and when he wears these Gazelles if he wants to keep them looking fresh!

All in all, these Adidas Gazelle trainers are a great option as a gift for boyfriends. They’re mid-range yet have the appearance of a much more expensive piece of footwear whilst maintaining the classic appeal.

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